Are you in the habit of using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts?

If so, how many do you use? One? Three? Five? More?

The latest recommendation is to stick to three hashtags to help interested people find your post.

One of my respected LinkedIn friends, Chicago based Advanced LinkedIn Strategies Coach, Andy Foote, recently shared a highly interesting comprehensive list of the most popular hashtags being used on LinkedIn at the moment to help boost your content marketing strategies.

The sources Andy cites for the list of the top 100 hashtags on LinkedIn include a LinkedIn spokesperson, who provided Andy with advice recently when he was discussing the platform’s algorithm with them. Andy also stated that LinkedIn Book Author, Speaker and Consultant, Pedro Caramez, and LinkedIn Social Selling Strategist, Gal Yefet also made his hashtag list possible. This is reliable stuff!

As you’ll be able to see, the list covers fields such as #digitalmarketing and #socialmedia to niche areas like #softwareengineering and #SQL. Some of the hashtags refer to quite broad subjects, for example, #money and #sales, whilst others are more specific, for instance, #deeplearning and #javascript.

Speculating on why LinkedIn has never released an official top 100 list of hashtags, Andy says he reckons LinkedIn would prefer people to use as many hashtags as possible and reminds us that the platform stopped ranking groups many years ago for the same reason.

Tips for Handling Hashtags on LinkedIn

Andy does concede that the list may contain some omissions and invites his network, and indeed readers of this blog post, to message him or comment on his post to share the hashtags they use.

I’m curious too. What’s your take on hashtags?

Which hashtags are you a fan of using?

Why do you use them?

Let me know over on LinkedIn.

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