Sharing valuable content with your network is really important, right?

You want to show you are trying to achieve Thought Leader status in your industry space. To do that you should seek to find and share valuable content which is inside and on the periphery of your sector.

I was reminded last week of this important fact when a simple share of an article I liked and shared has just reached over 10,000 views.

The interaction on this piece was very low, my aim would be to have more comments, but nonetheless, it has been in quite a few people’s LinkedIn feeds and on the radar of a variety of people. The point of LinkedIn is to share insights, learn from one another and exchange ideas after all!

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(In case you were wondering the post I shared that garnered 10,000 views, was an insightful article by Rand Fishkin, SEO expert of Moz fame and founder of SparkToro. The article explored 7 need to know rules when choosing a name for a start-up or business – rules that would prevent market friction. Many times in my life I have set-up new companies for myself or others. The decision is an interesting one, bound by emotion, common sense, connotations, oh and yes, availability. I would definitely recommend giving the article a read if you are currently in the position of seeking a winning name for your business).

Are you sharing knowledge and opinion in your sector? It is the one thing you can do today to accelerate your success on #LinkedIn.

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