‘Audit’. ‘Company audit’, ‘Financial audit’, ‘Official audit’, no matter which term precedes it or how you say it, the word ‘audit’ always manages to sound daunting doesn’t it? Surrendering our finances, accounts or businesses to be put under the microscope and be scrutinised by outside bodies inevitably creates stress and pressure. Have I done everything right? Is everything up to scratch and in order? Am I compliant? How do my accounts compare to that of others?

On the more positive flip-side, audits can shine a light on areas that can be improved and practices that can be corrected to ensure ongoing mistakes stop and progress can be made. This more beneficial side to audits is the optimistic approach I like to take when it comes to providing my LinkedIn Audit service. No judgement, just simple, actionable advice and insights generated from the numbers that your LinkedIn profile produces.

How is a Value Exchange LinkedIn Audit Carried Out?

    1. You get in touch with me and let me know you would like us to audit your LinkedIn profile and / or that of your employees or team members.
    2. I will have a chat with you about your LinkedIn activity and what you hope the powerful business-to-business platform will help you achieve.
    3. Next, I will undertake an objective and comprehensive audit of your LinkedIn profile including:
      • A review of your posts and articles.
      • How many Connections and Followers you have.
      • How many times people viewed, liked, commented and shared your LinkedIn posts and what that tells us about your effort meeting your strategy.
      • The amount of Profile Views your profile received during a given time – including the most recent people who viewed your profile.
    4. When I have completed your LinkedIn Audit, I will meet with you, possibly virtually, to explain my findings, providing an easy-to-follow analysis of what the numbers reveal, accompanied by suggestions for improvement. I also happily answer any questions you have and provide guidance to improve the effectiveness of your LinkedIn outreach.
    5. A month later I get in touch with you to follow-up and review what progress you have made with implementing the enhancements to your profile and activity on LinkedIn – offering further advice for improvement. In truth, the process never stops!

If you wish, I may also carry out a secondary LinkedIn Audit at this stage, offering a valuable comparison of the data from before and after you made the improvements and changes to your LinkedIn profile and activity that I suggested earlier in the audit process.

What Are the Benefits of my LinkedIn Audit?

      • I am accustomed to carrying out and presenting LinkedIn Audits. This means my extensive experience allows me to make my presentations engaging, easy to understand and visually appealing, cutting out unnecessary jargon.
      • I do not just provide you with numbers for the sake of numbers. I provide actionable advice based on what the numbers of your LinkedIn profile and activity reveal and tips that can help you get noticed as a ‘thought leader’ on the platform and develop positive business relationships.
      • I think long-term. Never leaving you scratching your head, I provide you with the means and knowledge to access your own LinkedIn stats and insights independently for future use.

For a comprehensive critique of your LinkedIn profile contact me today.

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