Did you know you can affect the visibility and impact of your activity on your LinkedIn feed?

Your LinkedIn feed contains content from your network, your shares, likes, and posts, companies you follow and other content that you may be interested in.

LinkedIn’s systems track and analyse social actions such as writing a post or article, liking content, or commenting on another member’s posts or articles.

This data is used by LinkedIn’s algorithms to provide content relevant to you in your LinkedIn feed. Your social actions also influence the ads that LinkedIn show you. The influence of your activity on LinkedIn on what appears in your homepage feed does not just stop there. Your posts, comments, and likes on LinkedIn Groups also impact the content in your feed.

By being active in your industry sector you can effectively customise your homepage feed to manage, in part, what you get to see.

If you want to improve your homepage feed content – get active, get engaged.

Strategic engagement and intelligent activity on LinkedIn is just one simple way to make this platform work better for you! After all, no one wants a newsfeed cluttered with irrelevant or useless posts that are nothing to do with your professional interest.

Being consistently active on LinkedIn and sharing original and helpful insights can also help you become a trusted thought leader – the respected ‘go-to’ person for advice and knowledge in your industry. If you would like help developing your reputation as a thought leader on LinkedIn, get in touch. Otherwise, start engaging on LinkedIn today…you’ll be surprised with the results…

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