“Tell us a bit about yourself”, “So what’s your story then?”, “What do you do?”

The above are all statements and questions that make even the most self-assured and confident of us stammer, stutter and freeze. Not many people like talking about themselves, especially when put on the spot, nor do we like to toot our own horn or accept compliments. But what if you could say:

“I work in recruitment, which uses a unique process to match the right candidates to the companies that best suit them, whilst making sure they fit the company’s ethos and culture. Are you on LinkedIn? You can find out more about how I work on there…”

…and proceed to direct them to your LinkedIn profile (the link to which is personalised with your name of course), which contains some glowing recommendations from people who have worked with you and witnessed your exemplary work ethic and talents first-hand?

With LinkedIn being founded way back in 2002 there are numerous articles available online brimming with tips on how to write a winning profile on the platform. Nevertheless, profile writing to ensure your profile stands out against the 575 million LinkedIn users is tricky. Your profile is not meant to be an online CV, yet you’re meant to showcase your professional accomplishments. You’re meant to sell yourself, but no one likes to boast. Striking a balance is a challenge – which is where Value Exchange come in.

How is Value Exchange’s LinkedIn Profile Writing Service Carried Out?

  1. You get in touch with me and let me know that you would like to utilise my LinkedIn Profile Writing service for yourself and/or your team and employees.
  2. I will have a chat with you about how you currently use LinkedIn (if you use it at all) and what you want the powerful business-to-business platform to help you accomplish.
  3. Afterwards, I will perform a mini LinkedIn Profile Critique and LinkedIn Audit for you. This will help establish what level your profile is at now and how much work I think needs to be done. Some parts of your profile might already be up to a good standard and may just require the odd ‘tweak’ here and there.(If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, I skip straight to step 4).
  4. At this stage, I fill in any gaps in my knowledge about your professional background by having an informal and friendly chat with you to find out more about your qualifications, education, skills and previous jobs, as well as getting myself clued up on what your current role or situation entails.
  5. Following the mini Critique and Audit, I use the information gleaned from our informal chat with about your professional history and the details gathered from your existing LinkedIn profile, to begin writing your LinkedIn profile ensuring:
      • Your LinkedIn Profile Photo shows you looking straight into the camera, dressed to impress, sporting no accessories like sunglasses or hats, giving a positive impression that you’re smiley, friendly and approachable. Since most people remember a face, I also ensure your face fills the frame.
      • Your LinkedIn URL is personalised with your name or something logical, memorable and unique to you if someone else already has your name as their URL making it unavailable on LinkedIn.

      • Your LinkedIn Headline tells the interesting story of how you and ONLY you can help your target clients.I aim to make your Headline only 96 characters long, so it appears neatly on your LinkedIn profile before the ‘See More’ link, utilising all the important keywords you wish to be found for and believe people are using to search for people with your unique skill set.

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    • Your LinkedIn Location is where you want to be found by people who you wish to work with or for – rather than where your office is based or where you live!
    • Your LinkedIn Contact details are up-to-date, complete with your preferred phone number and email address that you want people to contact you on and an Instant Messaging service, such as Skype if you wish.
    • Your LinkedIn Summary also tells a story YOUR story as opposed to talking up the company you work for. I also help you articulate that story in short, concise sentences in the first person…it is about you after all. This is the most important part of your LinkedIn profile, so I spend the most time getting this ‘just right’.
    • Your LinkedIn Experience sections for each job role that you’ve had communicates what you achieved in each role rather than what you did, building trust with your profile readers as we paint a picture of your professional journey and career progression.
    • The Education element of your profile is up-to-date and fully complete. I also list your post-nominals here rather than in your ‘name’ field, as you are easier to find on LinkedIn search if your LinkedIn name really is just your name…people won’t be searching for “Nigel Cliffe PhD…”
    • Your Skills are prioritised in your preferred order, focusing on the top 3 skills listed as these are the most important. I will ensure these are relevant, comparing them to the average skills listed for someone in your industry and job level.
    • Your Recommendations speak volumes about your expertise, knowledge and work ethic. I will check that you have personal recommendations next to your most recent job roles and help you write personalised messages asking trusted colleagues and former co-workers for recommendations about your best past endeavours.
  6. A month later I contact you to follow-up and see if your new profile is providing you with the opportunities and business relationships I would expect, offering further advice if necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Value Exchange’s LinkedIn Profile Writing Service?

Remember having a professional LinkedIn profile that ticks all the boxes is only half of the job. Being ON LinkedIn isn’t enough. You must actively engage on LinkedIn. For tips about content writing and engaging on LinkedIn you might like to attend one of my LinkedIn Workshops or Masterclasses especially if you’d like to become a trusted ‘Thought Leader’ in your field.

For a successful and professional LinkedIn Profile contact me today about my LinkedIn Profile Writing Service.

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