LinkedIn HeadlineThere is a critical change in the new LinkedIn profile design for desktop I need to tell you about. And it is an opportunity:

We still have 120 characters viewable in our headline. You might call it your strapline. LinkedIn haven’t changed this, but it has more prominence underneath your profile picture. Make sure yours ‘tells your story’.

The change is to the number of characters now viewable of your Summary section, before people click ‘Show more’.

It is 306.

Why is this important?

It is an extended version of your headline – an opportunity for the story to continue. It is what someone will read before deciding to click ‘See more’ and read the extended version of your Summary section.

So you need to craft it as best you can to describe, when looking at your profile, how you can help someone. Ask yourself – how can YOUR skills, YOUR experience, YOUR knowledge and YOUR qualifications make your ideal clients’ lives better?

A pro tip for counting characters is to use this handy website: Character Count Online, a free, quick and easy online character and word counting tool that I, myself often use.

And here is another advanced tip: If you finish the text with a……. – you can make it look very professional indeed. It avoids a word being cut in half that just might look a bit silly.

Nigel Cliffe LinkedIn Profile

Have a go – you’ll see what I mean. Feel free to share your results with me on LinkedIn, with a screen grab if you wish. I like to get to know my connections that little bit more!

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