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Telecoms companies have the unusual challenge of ‘shifting metal’ at the same time as being innovative around technology-based solutions.

Marketing budgets are typically larger than average in this wide-spread industry, especially given the fact that at the heart of telecoms is communication and information- the crux of marketing itself. The issue often lies in successfully delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right moment, which can still prove to be a substantial challenge.

Profile Write LinkedInMarketing departments, in particular, can benefit from an enhanced understanding of how to amplify their message through LinkedIn channels. Whether it is by utilising LinkedIn’s intuitive blogging platform, LinkedIn Pulse to publish expert and engaging content, answering problematic questions or sharing handy, practical tips in LinkedIn’s forum-like groups comprising of like-minded people in the same industry as you or interacting with other prospective clients’ content, LinkedIn possesses an abundance of features telecoms companies can harness.

LinkedIn holds the key for telecoms companies like yours and the teams that work within them to be viewed as top thought-leaders in their field- if it is used correctly. If prospective customers consider you a trustworthy, honest and reliable source of information, it goes without saying that they are more likely to sing your praises in recommendations to other potential clients as well as using your services themselves. Thus, LinkedIn is the valuable magnifier of key networks.

The work of existing marketing departments and their ability to amplify the message through LinkedIn is often a dramatically underused resource. We provide innovative and insightful LinkedIn training for telecoms companies and guidance to customer-facing staff and executives to leverage their existing content and allow them to remain ‘front of mind’ with prospect customers.

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