I’d like to thank the hundreds of people who have attended my LinkedIn Bootcamps over the last six years and the thousands who have listened to me at speaking events. You are all my motivation!

LinkedIn Masterclass

As I see many people progress in their LinkedIn journeys, I am considering holding a new course, aimed at advanced users. This will not be for novices! Instead, it will build on my existing Linkedin Bootcamp courses which cover the basics.

If you are actively using LinkedIn but not getting the results you’d like, I want to help you bridge that gap.

Probably held in Leeds to begin with, is this something you might be interested in? What topics might you like me to cover?

When I posted the question of what my Connections wanted to see covered and explored on LinkedIn recently these were some of the ideas my contacts came up with:

  • Mastering content sharing, algorithms and newsfeeds.
  • How to use LinkedIn for market research.
  • How to effectively search for companies and key people looking to pivot into research and development and research opportunities leading to collaborative research and development and/or commercialisation.
  • How to create attractive graphics.
  • Understanding more about how different cultures use LinkedIn.
  • More in-depth insights into publishing and getting known outside of your immediate contact list as well as learning how to grow your audience.
  • Exploring Sales Navigator and what the best features are to use to engage with people.
  • How to maximise Advanced Search.

Do you agree?

As always, I’m keen to hear your opinions. Let me know your preferences on Twitter, LinkedIn or by contacting me via email or phone.

Enquire about a LinkedIn training programme tailored for you

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