How to really engage in LinkedIn groups

Self-promotion; not a terribly British thing to do.

Most of the time this rings true, but when it comes to LinkedIn it seems like all etiquette goes out of the window! LinkedIn group discussions play a part in any good content strategy, yet most posts in LinkedIn groups fail to realise their potential because the concept of ‘discussion’ is forgotten.

Definition of discussion Simply posting blogs in a group discussion is old marketing, broadcast style. It’s a real ‘look at what I’ve written’ approach, rarely accompanied by an introduction or attempt to engage. It’s SOCIAL media folks!

Many LinkedIn group moderators are now banning blog postings in groups, deleting or moving them to the ‘promotions’ tab. Hurrah!

There IS a place for distributing blogs via LinkedIn – on a company page, or as a published post on your personal profile. Just keep them out of groups…

A more effective approach to LinkedIn groups

People buy people; they buy from people they know, like and trust. This requires a demonstration of knowledge and experience which in turn builds credibility.

Use groups to answer questions – be helpful and liberal with advice.

Ask questions – open questions – start with ‘How’, ‘What’, Why’.  Include some description to your question to put it into context; you’ll find you get answers that are so much more valuable. I have found that people assume the question you pose relates directly to you/your business. If it’s not, but something you’ve seen that you just want to discuss because it interests you, then make this clear and add ‘Let’s discuss’.

If you really do want to post your blog in a LinkedIn group – then add some text to the link. Invite feedback, invoke discussion. Maybe explain why you were motivated to write the blog.

Read what this Group Manager has to say about the anatomy of a proper LinkedIn discussion.

Aim to become a top contributor

We spend a great deal of time researching the ‘best’ LinkedIn groups to participate in (more on this another time).

We focus on no more than 5 as part of our content marketing plans. We have an objective to become a top contributor in our chosen groups and we manage our conversations – those we start and those in which we participate. We stay in the conversation – we keep commenting, we might even take it offline and pick up the telephone and arrange to meet up face-to-face.

Time spent on LinkedIn is valuable, so make sure your investment pays off by having a well thought out approach.

These tips are just a starter for ten, if you need help, please feel free to contact us.



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