You know that moment when you want to make contact with a connection but can’t remember their name? To make it worse still you can’t remember the company name either?

Don’t sweat, I may have the answer.

As a result of responding to a thread in a recent LinkedIn question (a good thing to do, by the way) I found myself digging a little deeper to see how I could manage this situation.

Here’s what I found:

Okay, I can’t remember the name or company, but I can recall some other attributes such as location or job title. Perhaps it might be ‘New York’ or ‘Video Producer’. You’ll be pleased to know that you can use these keywords either individually or together to find your missing person.

Here is how to do it:

First of all click on the ‘My Network’ tab on the main menu:

My Network

Then click on ‘See all’ on the top left-hand side


This will reveal a list of options to be considered, including ‘Recently added’ (default), ‘First name’ or ‘Last name’.


Assuming that you started this search not knowing the first or last name, and that the connection might not be one you recently added, then the next step is to use the keyword search option in the search box at the top right:


Taking my example above, I type ‘New York’ into the search field:

This will reduce the list of connections listed to only those that contain the words ‘New York’

However, it is not immediately apparent that this search only contains my listed search because the display continues to list my total number of connections on the top left-hand side:


When I count this list it actually has less than 50 people in it but I have to scroll down the page and count the connections to find this out!

When I go on to add the word ‘video’ to my search criteria (using the Boolean operator ‘AND’): e.g. ‘New York’ AND video


…this reduces my list further, down to a shorter list which is easily scrollable.

Casting my eye down this shortened list enables me to find my lost connection in a matter of seconds!

Voila – there you have it – an easy way to find your long lost pals!

My network has been built over several years of trusted friends, colleagues, clients, suppliers, industry thought leaders and the like. It is often a place I start when wishing to find a person who can help me solve a problem, complete a task, or simply ask for help. Now you don’t need to lose those valuable connections in the LinkedIn wilderness!

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