VE Blog image - top 3 reason to upgrade your account

I pay for the first level of LinkedIn premium account – Business.

Whilst I know many that stick with a free account, there’s a few features that make it worth spending just over £150+VAT per year.

Firstly, I really like the new appearance given to premium profiles. The header image helps separate the active from the inactive user.

The other key benefits of a paid for account are these…

See ‘who has viewed your profile’

Linkedln offers a unique feature that other social networks do not, the ability to see those people who have viewed your profile. With premium memberships, you can access a full list of everyone who has viewed your profile for the last 90 days, and use the information to reach out to forgotten contacts or new prospects. Without Premium, you can only see the last 5 people.

Increased response with InMail

The InMail service allows you to directly send a message to another Linkedln member, without connecting. We’re told, when compared to emails, InMails also have an increased response rate. Along with this feature is a seven-day guaranteed response rate, so no response means your credit gets returned and you get the chance to send another message.

Additional criteria for advanced search

The hidden treasure of LinkedIn – advanced search. Premium members have four/eight fields additional available to them, plus the ability to save a greater number of searches and receive weekly email updates. Free members can only save up to three searches, while for premium members it’s five (or more). Search results also return many more profiles (300+) instead of the basic account’s 100.

Go on, upgrade! It’s definitely worth it…


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