LinkedIn coaching could well be the one thing stopping you from making the most out of your LinkedIn profile

It’s a common misconception that LinkedIn is simply an online CV, but it is so much more than that…

It’s important that you maintain your profile by keeping it up to date and interacting with your connections as well as potential connections, but not just when you are looking for a new job. At Value Exchange, we aim to make your profile stand out from the crowd through providing you with an enticing summary that best captures who you are and what you do.

Whilst you may do your best to keep your LinkedIn profile up to standards, you may not be aware of the many hidden depths that this fantastic platform has to offer.

Yes, it’s most certainly brilliant for networking and gaining notoriety, but did you know that you also have the capability to generate warm leads? By investing your time in our coaching sessions, you can take full advantage of this great networking platform by leaning new skills and you will uncover things you never thought were possible.

We offer a range of coaching options to suit your needs. If you’re an individual looking to boost your knowledge, you’ll benefit from our boot camp based in Leeds. If you wish to educate yourself and your team, we can come to you and provide in-house training services.

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