The LinkedIn data iceberg

How well do you know and use LinkedIn?

– Good Profile – check

– Keywords in your headline – check

– Update your Status Profile – check

– Participate in Groups – check

– Publish Posts – check

– Mine data for warm leads – check

…. just a minute, what was the last one?

When did you last use ‘Advanced Search’ for anything other than finding your old school buddy? Last week, last month….never?

The fact is, I’ve not met anyone who talks about LinkedIn’s ‘Advance Search’ straight off the bat as being part of the growing ‘World of Data’.  Not one. And this is where you might be just missing something. Let me explain…

The natural course of events is to connect with:

– People you know

– People connected to people you know

– People who LinkedIn suggests you might know!

But what about the people you should get to know? Have you ever ‘profiled’ your existing customer base and used LinkedIn to find more connections you DON’T know?

The data that sits generally untapped inside the annals of LinkedIn is like that of an iceberg to most people – they see what sits above the surface but haven’t a clue about what sits below.



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