Last week I joined in a great Tweetchat run by Deborah Corn, which focused on LinkedIn.

During #printchat (which takes place every Thursday 9-10pm UTC) Deborah asked a number of questions… I thought I would share my answers!

Q1 – How much time a day do you spend on LinkedIn, and what is your primary activity.

About an hour a day, more if I’m researching. I also schedule a couple of hours on a Thursday morning checking through group discussions. I think you get out what you put in…. spend the time and you get the results (connections, information etc)

Q2 – Are you currently blogging through LinkedIn’s new feature? What results have you seen?

Yes – great results – views, shares and comments. It’s all about the headline.

Q3 – Have you ever made a sale through LinkedIn? What were the circumstances?.

By having a detailed profile and using LinkedIn to stay front of mind – yes 🙂

Q4 – What type of information do you think is best to share through the homepage ‘updates’ feed?

Mainly industry events I’m organizing/attending. Other activity keeps me visible eg new connections, group discussions

Q5 – What type of information are you sharing in groups? How do you monitor and address comments?

Groups are for ‘discussions’ – so asking how, what, why… open-ended questions. You then have to stay involved.

Q6 – How many groups did you join for the sole purpose of prospecting? Is it working out?

I join many groups but can only ‘work’ 5 or 6. I do a lot of research first – group profile, stats, sentiment of content etc.


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