Do YOU fancy showcasing YOUR services?

In an attention-grabbing way that is. Of course you do!

I’ve written before about how you should treat your LinkedIn Profile like your TripAdvisor Equivalent. It should show the very best of YOU. Your Profile should clearly and accurately convey your unique skills, experience, knowledge, and qualifications. It’s this thinking that I believe is behind most of the LinkedIn features and explains LinkedIn’s rolling out of a new feature recently that allows you to showcase the services you offer, right from your profile page.

I Don’t Have It Yet, But Here Is What I’m Learning About the Latest Addition to LinkedIn Features:

  1. It is a feature of having a Premium account only.
  2. The categories of services available seem to be very limited.
  3. Whilst updating on desktop, it might actually only appear on a mobile view of your profile.

I’m sure there is more to come…

In the meantime, I share a valuable post by LinkedIn Trainer and Speaker, Brenda Meller (Zawacki), who states that her experience with new LinkedIn features is that they are given higher visibility in the algorithm, so she decided to add the new LinkedIn ‘Showcase services’ to her profile.

How Do I Access the Showcase Services Feature for my LinkedIn Profile?

  1. Tell us [LinkedIn] about your business and the services you offer.
  2. [As a result of using the Showcase Services feature] show up in search results when LinkedIn members search for providers of the service you offer.
  3. Allow potential clients to send you messages for free to enquire about your business.

Brenda’s Key Takeaways Were:

LinkedIn branding expert Marc W.Halpert speculates that LinkedIn members may have to sign up to LinkedIn’s ‘Let’s grow your business’ initiative, to see LinkedIn features like Showcase services as LinkedIn rolls them out to specific industry classes.

What Are People Saying About the New Showcase Services Feature?

“The feature looks awesome. It adds more value to users and the platform at large!”Evance Milasara.

“Looks like a worthwhile addition to the service.” – Employment Law Attorney, Fred Engbarth.

“The options are so limited.” – Social Media and Social Sales Consultant and Speaker, Beth Granger.

“Agree with Beth Granger about limited options as I fall between two of them. Hopefully, we’ll have the ability to update this as more categories are created.” – Business Analyst, Kenneth Lang.

To sum up, Brenda reckons that LinkedIn will roll the new feature out gradually and, judging by the engagement her post got, believes LinkedIn is listening to the conversation around their new LinkedIn features and act on the feedback they get, such as adding more service options as time goes on.

Watch this space!

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