I’m a LinkedIn professional, or so I’d like to think of myself. I earn a living from it, so I guess that qualifies me?

But I’m also careful with my time, knowledge and experience. I’d like to spend it where it has the greatest return.

Producing LinkedIn articles USED to be a brilliant way to demonstrate thought leadership. But I’m afraid no more. Given that my last article on LinkedIn was published in May 2017, I thought I’d better explain why I don’t believe the effort of publishing LinkedIn articles is worth the reward.

The reason is this:

LinkedIn don’t share what I write on the B2B platform much at all anymore…

I hear you ask ‘Why’? I simply don’t know. The laws of content amplification driven by LinkedIn’s engineers are oft misunderstood.

But all the data suggests I am correct, and many LinkedIn pundits I respect also agree.

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Short Attention Spans

One of the reasons for this LinkedIn Article Ghost Town, we imagine, is that people simply don’t have the time to read long-form content. So there is no point in me elaborating because:

a) You won’t have seen this article, which, incidentally, I also published on my LinkedIn profile.

b) You won’t have bothered to read this far.

I just put this content on LinkedIn and here so you know why you don’t see much of it. I’d far rather spend my time on posts and engagement that DO keep me busy.

Clearly no point in thanking you for reading, or adding the usual “call me here if …” blurb…

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