I’ve written before about LinkedIn hashtags covering topics such as, which ones are the most popular on the platform, how many I would recommend including in each post and their increasing importance.

However, I recently learned of a LinkedIn hack that may extend the reach of your content on LinkedIn and amplify your posts.

The tip centres around the use of the humble hashtag.

Rather than adding the hashtag to your post, such as #graphene for example, start the post by going to the hashtags you follow, where underneath you will find the option to ‘Start a post’. Some intelligence from my LinkedIn community suggests this is having a greater reach.

How to Access the List of Hashtags You Currently Follow on LinkedIn:

how to find what hashtags you follow on LinkedIn

  1. When logged into LinkedIn, whilst on your ‘Home’ tab, you’ll see a box on the left-hand side if you scroll down a little, listing what you searched for most recently on LinkedIn, the Groups you are a member of and ‘Followed Hashtags’.
  2. If you click ‘see all’, or on the blue linked ‘Followed Hashtags’ heading itself, you can expand the list to see the full set of hashtags you are following at the moment.
  3. The chances are the topics of the hashtags that you follow will be relevant to the industry you work in, reflect your interests or perhaps mirror the interests of your target audience or ideal client if you’re an out-of-the-box, clever thinker.
  4. By clicking on the hashtag itself, you’ll be able to see how popular that hashtag is by seeing how many LinkedIn Members follow it.
  5. Back on your Home tab, if you click on the ‘Discover more’ link at the bottom of this section, you will be presented with more available hashtags and will be able to follow more hashtags that interest you.

How to ‘Start a LinkedIn Post’ Underneath a LinkedIn Hashtag

So, going back to our #graphene example, the procedure might go like this:

Search for your chosen topic hashtag in the search bar on LinkedIn:

how to search hashtags on LinkedIn

It will appear like this:

hashtags on LinkedIn

(If it doesn’t appear like the above, you may have to click on the actual blue hashtag link to open up the ‘start post’ box underneath the hashtag).

LinkedIn Follow buttonIf you aren’t already following it, do so by hitting the blue ‘Follow’ button that will be in line with the hashtag. This action will add it to the list of hashtags you follow, improving the algorithmic chance of receiving more of the content you want to see in your feed.

hashtags Nigel is following on LinkedIn

As you can see, the list of hashtags I follow on LinkedIn (see image to the right) is growing!

To find out more about how you can improve the content in your LinkedIn feed, click here.

When wishing to write a post, think of the leading keyword, find the hashtag and start a post from underneath, as shown above.

I’d be interested in knowing what results writing a post under a hashtag you follow (as opposed to just starting a post from your Home tab as you normally would) has, so please let me know if you sense this has a beneficial effect over on LinkedIn.

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