…and another, significant, upgrade to LinkedIn.

We saw it coming – the increasing importance of #hashtags

What Are LinkedIn Hashtags?

This short video sums hashtags up in a nutshell including:

  1. What they are
  2. How to use them
  3. How many to include in a LinkedIn post

Listing the Hashtags You Follow

You can now provide a list of hashtags you would like to follow. You create your own list of important topics you would like to follow on LinkedIn and improve your feed as a consequence.

LinkedIn Hashtags, LinkedIn Communities

LinkedIn are calling these optional hashtags to follow ‘Communities’.

LinkedIn Hashtags, LinkedIn Communities

I’m liking this. It would seem to be what many of us have been waiting for – the ability to improve our homepage feeds and have an advantage/control over LinkedIn’s notorious algorithm. No more clutter, unwanted or irrelevant content in our homepage feeds could be on the horizon!

LinkedIn Hashtags, LinkedIn Communities

However, some of my connections have alerted me to long-term dangers, including the potential for ‘hashtag stuffing’ at the hands of people who do not understand the purpose of hashtags and over-do them.

Some of my connections experienced the update of hashtags as a bonus to receiving the new profile format update. My option came up with pre-selected hashtags for me then I could add my own. I ended up with quite a number. Not sure quite how this will affect my homepage feed, but we’ll learn as we go along. What is for certain is that this is set to be a hot topic I reckon!

Have you had the update too? Let me know your thoughts on it over on LinkedIn!

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