LinkedIn is rising up your agenda, yes?

In a world dominated by digital communications and a global pandemic reducing travel and face-to-face meetings, creating new relationships to generate sales on LinkedIn is becoming a skill which cannot be ignored. Some call it Social Selling.

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, then read on. It might just be the most beneficial thing you have done in a long while!

LinkedIn courses that provide real insightFor over six years I have provided LinkedIn courses and training full-time across all industry sectors including education. Before that whilst running a technology marketing company, I was using LinkedIn very successfully with great results. Consequently, I differentiate my offering by being not just a trainer, but an experienced LinkedIn practitioner, using LinkedIn for lead generation, personal brand improvement, marketing and business development.

Through LinkedIn courses, training and consultancy, I provide in-depth insight into how best to achieve your strategic business objectives. I have worked both in the UK and internationally with an extensive list of corporate organisations, professional service firms, institutes, educational establishments, charities and the UK Central Government.

Every client I have ever worked with has reported improved results following my LinkedIn courses and support.

For many, it has literally changed their lives.


I have also held public LinkedIn training bootcamps every month which have attracted over 1,250 attendees in the last 6 years. If I add my speaker events to the list, I have probably spoken, in person, to in excess of 50,000 people about the benefits of LinkedIn. My digital reach has almost certainly been to hundreds of thousands of people, eager to learn more about LinkedIn.

Your Brief

If you are like the rest of my clients, you will require a LinkedIn training solution that helps you and your business become more successful in your connection strategy on LinkedIn.

If this matches your experience, then I have the answer.

But let me explain just a little more what I have experienced over the last decade.

Left to your own devices, however well-intentioned you may be, the day-to-day priorities of business-as-usual will drag you away from actioning what you know you should be doing on LinkedIn to make it successful.

Unlike other LinkedIn courses, this proposal suggests a more supportive approach to creating success on LinkedIn.


There are 12 LinkedInCredible steps to achieve success on LinkedIn

I have determined that training on LinkedIn comprises twelve steps:

  • 1. Define the project aims
  • 2. Define the measures of success
  • 3. Identify target customers
  • 4. Prospect mapping
  • 5. LinkedIn Profile optimization
  • 6. Upgrades to platforms
  • 7. Content strategy
  • 8. Customer journey review
  • 9. Prospect database
  • 10. Connection strategy
  • 11. Engagement plan
  • 12. Rinse and repeat and convert

Virtual LinkedIn Training, LinkedIn coursesMy LinkedIn training solution takes you through each of these twelve stages in seven online meetings of between 60 and 90 minutes. Tasks will be required of each attendee before and after each meeting. I call it homework! Some time will need to be allocated by you to complete assessments, worksheets and watch explanatory videos between each session.

The pace of the Virtual LinkedIn course can be determined by you but would typically take place over seven weeks. At the end of this period you will have:

“A complete strategy to maximise your understanding of how to use LinkedIn to generate sales.

You will have optimised YOUR LinkedIn profile to attract the right audience”



For an individual, my price for this 7-week LinkedIn course is £500 + VAT and will be held with up to 11 other people in a cohort. Cohorts commence every couple of weeks or less.

For a Company, my price for this 7-week program is £3,000 + VAT, PLUS £250 + VAT per person. (e.g. 12 people = £6,000 + VAT) Please call me to discuss a plan and pricing for your team.

Please note: there may be some additional costs to the above, such as some upgrades to LinkedIn account(s).
The Virtual LinkedIn Training outlined above is based on you taking the initiative to do the work required, guided by me.

You will be responsible for creating content, connecting with the targeted prospects and engaging on LinkedIn.

Please note: Success cannot come from being inactive. Yes, you will have completely upgraded your individual LinkedIn Profiles, which is valuable in itself, but to truly make this strategy work you must be able to commit to the time necessary to make it work for you. This will be a minimum of 15-25 minutes per working day plus an additional hour a week planning content, seeking new Connections, answering questions and generally engaging on the platform.

If you can’t commit to this, then please consider if this solution is right for you.

How much time should you spend on LinkedIn, Value Exchange LinkedIn courses have the answers

Optional LinkedIn Virtual Training Upgrades

To supplement the above, I have seven more options to assist you further on this journey going above and beyond the usual LinkedIn courses you see, which are:

These can be booked at the same time as the original proposal or added at a later date.

Option One

Providing a Connection Outreach Service to Target Your Designated List of Top Prospects

Choosing a single industry sector and target audience, I will reach out to perform the Connection strategy for you, attempting to Connect with the target customers I have identified.

I will take the on-line communication with a prospect as far as possible or until the point of a conversation with you.

Price £1,500 plus £500 set-up fee (+ VAT)

This period would normally follow on directly from the seven-week training period.

*I would expect to create a highly valuable list of new Connections which will be the focus of our engagement within one month. If I am required to build a larger list of prospects, in additional verticals, then the monthly charge of £1,500 + VAT can be continued on request.

Please note: This IS NOT automated lead generation.

Why Choose Option One?

If you are too busy with day-to-day activities to have the time to research, identify and engage with your hottest prospects, then this option is for you.

Option Two

The Production of Content

There will be certain content you need to create that will be critical to your success. Content creation is only touched up on in many of my LinkedIn courses, but can be taken further. I can help organise the writing of this content for you, For example:

  • Lead magnet ‘White Paper’ - £900 + VAT
  • In-depth blog post (LinkedIn Article) - £500 + VAT
  • Shorter LinkedIn Post - £100 + VAT

Why Choose Option Two?

Sourcing and producing content are the lifeblood of any LinkedIn strategy. If the creation of content on a consistent basis is a challenge to you because of time, skill or is simply ‘not what you do’, then this option can be tailored for your needs.

Option Three

In-depth Customer Journey Mapping

Over and above your visibility on LinkedIn, there are many other places that your customers will find you. For example:

  • Your website
  • A Google search
  • Other Social Media channels
  • The voice of your existing customers

Diving deeper than I am able in my standard LinkedIn courses, I can provide an extended consultancy to review and report on what I find, providing recommendations for change across all media touch points.

Prices from £750 - £2,950 + VAT*

*The scope of the exercise determines the price.

Why Choose Option Three?

It may be some time since you viewed yourself through a prospect customer’s eyes. Prospect clients will build trust based on all visible touchpoints of your brand. I will take an external view of your brand across all traditional and digital locations. I will provide an assessment and solution to ensure that ALL those touchpoints deliver a consistent message, ensuring your brand is maximised in all places.

Option Four

Specialist Boolean Training

More focussed than other generic LinkedIn courses, this option is a 1-hour length Advanced Search training session that unlocks the potential from knowing how to search effectively both on and off LinkedIn. The price includes a tip sheet.
Price £295 + VAT

Why Choose Option Four?

Being able to find ‘difficult to find’ information, such as client data, competitor intelligence, industry news, etc. is a key driver to business success. Being able to use search tools to a greater depth can be of extraordinary benefit when driving your business development strategy forward.

Option Five

The Creation of a Dedicated CRM

In some instances, where a company doesn’t have a dedicated CRM, I can help create a solution to capture ongoing leads and contacts to ensure that the relationships formed provide a long-term pipeline of opportunity and become the future assets of your business.

Prices from £950 - £3,950 + VAT*

*The scope of the exercise determines the price

Why Choose Option Five?

Being able to capture client and prospect client data in an organised manner is extremely important. Done well, it becomes a key asset of the business. Done brilliantly it gives you the confidence to make the right business decisions based on your future growth.

I sometimes find a client does have a CRM, but it is not used effectively. It is often described as being too complex and time-consuming to keep up to date. In these circumstances, I might recommend a separate, micro-solution that allows me to track and measure the progress specifically of a new business pipeline. This data can then be added later to the proprietary system if you wish.

Option Six

Membership of LinkedInCredible

Remaining up-to-date and focussed on LinkedIn can be enhanced by joining our membership club, LinkedInCredible.

Membership includes:

  • A 2-hour monthly Zoom update with club members.
  • A monthly ‘What’s New’ update about changes to LinkedIn and how it affects you.
  • A 5 ‘top-tips’ notification each month.
  • A Q&A community to ask for advice and opinions from members and myself.
  • Access to a private approved and trusted source of suppliers across the field of sales and marketing (copywriters, web developers, trainers, graphic artists, etc).
  • A 50% reduction in price off face-to-face bootcamps.
  • A quarterly ½ hour LinkedIn strategy call with me.

Price £50 + VAT/month

Why Choose Option Six?

Keeping up to date and in-tune with changes can be time-consuming, and who knows where to look anyway?! Membership of LinkedInCredible allows you a regular insight into what works, what has changed and keeps you abreast of state-of-the-art thinking around LinkedIn and online business development in general.

Option Seven

Membership of LinkedInCredible Exec Club

This is where we take matters up a notch.

Joining a ‘club’ of 12 people who meet every month for a half-day strategy workshop, sharing ideas and best practice around LinkedIn, but also more widely on the topics of sales and marketing, goes beyond standard LinkedIn courses.

Each month includes a guest speaker, providing a 45-minute expert presentation for us to learn advanced tips and strategies that will help us win business.

Future topics on the agenda will include:

  • Selling in a digital world
  • How to network online
  • Understanding your digital brand
  • Developing a Content Strategy
  • How to develop Thought Leader status
  • How to build trust on a Zoom call
  • Search Optimization

Members ultimately lead the direction of topics chosen to discuss each month.

The morning session will be followed by a sit-down networking lunch. (0930 – 1330hrs)

Membership of the Exec Club will also include membership of LinkedInCredible.
Price £250 + VAT/month

Why Choose Option Seven?

We all know we should take time out to work ON our business rather than IN our business.

Membership of the LinkedInCredible Exec Club provides a board-level committee experience to address issues of the day which you might ordinarily miss the opportunity of experiencing.

Driving new business is the lifeblood of any business. Membership of the LinkedInCredible Exec Club encourages busy business owners into the habit of taking seriously the development of their business with like-minded business owners. It is a respected forum for mentorship and exchange of ideas and a trusted place to test and have your thinking challenged.

Enquire about a LinkedIn training programme tailored for you

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