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Would you like to get more business from LinkedIn?

I train and support you to attract, engage and nurture new and existing connections to make you #LinkedInCredible
- developing a pipeline of ongoing new opportunities.

Why Choose ValueExchange for LinkedIn Training?

  • To generate a consistent pipeline of new business opportunities

LinkedIn is possibly the most underused tool for business development. Many business professionals have a LinkedIn profile, but only a very small percentage of them really know how to benefit from it. Let me show you how…

  • To have a process in place to turn LinkedIn into your most valuable business development asset

Simply having a LinkedIn profile guarantees nothing. Being active and engaged, communicating with your target audience is a process. Let me teach you how to develop that process for your own business or organisation with practical LinkedIn Training.

  • To help you develop an attractive profile that gets you found for what you do

Having a LinkedIn profile that matches your prospect requirement is an art and a science. Let me show you how to make your profile attractive to those you know and would like to know, both to people and to LinkedIn’s algorithms.

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    How to use LinkedIn to generate leads

    Generating leads is one of the biggest challenges that most businesses face today. LinkedIn is often an underutilised tool to help tackle that problem.

    I work with you providing insightful LinkedIn training to generate a steady stream of new business opportunities and relationships on LinkedIn. I can also help you establish yourself as a respected thought leader in your field.

    My consultancy guarantees* to turn your online presence into a workhorse to generate new leads. I help you find and be attractive to those people that could be your next best client and maintain closer relationships with existing clients.
    *Yes, I do mean guarantee!

    Is your LinkedIn profile ‘engagement-ready’?

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