Face-to-face LinkedIn Training courses are not an option at the moment. So, I’ve developed a new LinkedIn Training program to help you become LinkedInCredible!

I am running an online 12-Step LinkedInCredible training program held over 7 weeks. New courses start every other week. I’m also running a series of LinkedIn Webinars for individuals and businesses.

You Can Find Out More About My 12-Step LinkedInCredible Training in the Video Below:

My new LinkedIn training course is designed to provide a more supportive approach to creating success on LinkedIn, unlike other LinkedIn workshops you may have attended!

Course Introduction

Have you ever wondered if you could get more out of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is probably the most underused business development tool in modern times.

Over 26 million people in the UK alone have a LinkedIn account. Your prospects are highly likely to be there. How do you find them? How do you engage with them?

I have the answer.

The Best Gems from 10 Years of LinkedIn Workshops

I realised the training programme and LinkedIn workshops I had developed over the last 10 years is actually a process. For the first time, I’ve sat down and gone through that process in detail from the very beginning of setting up a Profile to making LinkedIn successful for you through engagement and all the steps in between.

The result?

12-steps to make you LinkedInCredible. Why wouldn’t you want to do this?!

This LinkedIn training course will be one of the best things you ever did to get yourself slick online.

If there was ever a time to get yourself competent online it’s now, surely it’s now!


Who Should Attend My LinkedIn Training Course?

Directors, managers, those with business development roles, or any person in a role where the use of LinkedIn can support the achievement of corporate, business function and/or personal job role objectives.

If you want to present a credible personal Profile, get found online, receive more inbound leads, warm sales calls, and more business opportunities, this program is for you.

People ask me, “What level of existing knowledge do you need to benefit from coming on the course?” My answer is that anyone who has a LinkedIn Profile will learn something valuable, be they a LinkedIn novice or a more seasoned LinkedIn professional.

Those who are setting out on their journey…

…will have the means to begin that journey competently, quickly becoming successful on LinkedIn if they commit to the tips and tasks described.

Those who consider themselves to be more advanced…

…will be really challenged and, by the time they finish the course, will understand how to make LinkedIn really work — delivering on their goals, turning their activity into successful activity. There are many busy fools on LinkedIn!

“A few months after completing your training program and I have been in the top 1% for engagement four times in the last few days – you have definitely taught me something 👍 – highest post to date over 6,000 views!”

– Alastair Deards, Mental Health Change

To answer this question for yourself, ask yourself, “Am I getting new business from my efforts on LinkedIn?” If this answer is “no” or “very little”, then you will benefit from coming on my course.

If you are already regularly driving new business through LinkedIn but would like to improve still further, then a one-to-one session with you might be the answer to take you even further on that journey. Just get in touch for details of how that might work for you.

LinkedInCredible Training Program: The Details

I have developed a solution that takes 8 weeks to develop.

As with all my LinkedIn workshops, before the LinkedIn training course, we have a 1-to-1 webinar at the beginning to establish your individual goals. We then cover each of those 12 steps over the next 7 weeks in 60-90-minute sessions so that at the end of the LinkedIn training course you come out LinkedInCredible. The 12 steps gathered through my experience running LinkedIn workshops covered are:

  • 1. Define the project aims
  • 2. Define the measures of success
  • 3. Identify target customers
  • 4. Prospect mapping
  • 5. LinkedIn Profile optimisation
  • 6. Upgrades to platforms
  • 7. Content strategy
  • 8. Customer journey review
  • 9. Prospect database
  • 10. Connection strategy
  • 11. Engagement plan
  • 12. Rinse and repeat and convert

The 12 step LinkedInCredible process, LinkedIn workshop, LinkedIn training courses

I’m delivering this programme as live webinars for business and individuals coming together in cohorts with a variety of dates and times available per cohort to suit most schedules!

“After posting my first video last week, I am totally shocked at how many views and comments I got considering how I rushed doing the video. I had a client enquiry within a couple of hours of putting it up and also I was contacted by the CEO of a Carers organisation to hold a Zoom meeting.

Thanks for the training, it has been a great help.”

– Moona Karim

Learning Outcomes

By the end of your LinkedIn training course you will:

Since implementing your guidance and being more active on LinkedIn we have secured two significant contracts which will contribute more than 50% of our target estimated turnover.

One is in Houston Texas and one in Baku Azerbaijan. Both will be supported remotely.

For the one in Baku, I noticed the Program Director for that region looking at my LinkedIn Profile. A few days later I got a LinkedIn message from him and a civilised chat followed resulting in the order.”

– Peter Cranston, Cranston Engineering Ltd

I look forward to changing your LinkedIn world!

I will even show you how to find your next best client!

If you want to make yourself LinkedInCredible come onboard!

Feedback from an Attendee of My LinkedIn Courses

Don’t just take my word for how beneficial my courses are. Here’s what previous LinkedIn Bootcamp course attendee Deb Hetherington, Business Innovation Manager At Leeds Beckett University told Deborah Ogden in her ‘On Brand With…’ podcast about attending my course…

Enquire about a LinkedIn training programme tailored for you

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