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Is driving success from LinkedIn on your agenda?

Creating new relationships online to generate business is becoming a skill that business professionals cannot ignore.

  • Do you need to up your game on LinkedIn?
  • Are you confused by the platform and how to use it efficiently?
  • Are you fearful of getting or saying things wrong?
  • Do you see others use it successfully and want to know how?
  • Is finding a new way to generate business a priority for you?
  • Are you spending time on LinkedIn but not getting the results you deserve?

6-Week Cohort-Based Accelerator

Master LinkedIn and Get the Success You Deserve

with the unique


If you are asking yourself any of these questions, you NEED


Your Needs

If you are like most of my clients, you will require a LinkedIn training solution that helps you and your business become more successful and gain more meaningful LinkedIn connections which lead to business opportunities.

You will:

  • Have a business to expand and need to drive sales.
  • Want to engage better with your target audience and have more discussions that result in valuable lead generation opportunities.
  • Recognise the importance of your personal brand and first impressions on your profile.
  • Want to turn your Connections (and prospective Connections) into valuable clients in the future.
  • Require a LinkedIn training solution that helps you and your business become more successful through understanding the platform better.

From my experience, you will have trouble keeping your focus on these things. However well-intentioned you may be, when left to your own devices, your day-to-day priorities of business-as-usual will drag you away from doing what you know you should be doing on LinkedIn to make your business successful.

And that’s where I come in.

‘Working with me provides a solution that is guaranteed to deliver results for you.

My reputation relies on it.’

Nigel Cliffe
Delivering the unique


Action based online LinkedIn training program

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Let me introduce my 3 solutions

Solution 1


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Solution 2

LinkedIn Consultancy

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Solution 3

LinkedIn Speaker Engagements

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Solution 1

The [in]credible accelerator program

My [in]credible accelerator program will give you the knowledge, skills and habits you need to build your personal brand and drive an ongoing pipeline of new business opportunities with LinkedIn.

There are two options available:

For you – A six-week online course, shared in a cohort with other professionals, guided my me at the beginning of each two-week sprint.
For your company – Along similar lines, bringing a group of employees together to drive combined success.

Immediate impact

Join the [in]credible Linkedin Accelerator and you’ll begin to see visible results in the first few weeks.

The entire programme is designed around giving you the knowledge, skills and habits to be a LinkedIn success as soon as possible.

We’ll give you the tools to track your progress so you can monitor the impact of your efforts.

Learn together in a supportive group

You’ll be joined by other talented professionals looking to get more from LinkedIn.

Every two weeks we’ll join a video call to learn from each other and hold ourselves accountable for our progress.

Between weeks you’ll discuss and share your progress on our learning platform.

Flexible delivery

Unlike other LinkedIn programmes, the [in]credible Accelerator is a blended mix of self-study online content and live group discussions.

This give you the flexibility to work on your LinkedIn presence and activity whenever you please.

So if you’d prefer to study during the weekdays or blitz it over the weekend, it’s your choice.

Learn by doing

We learn more by taking action than passively consuming content.

Each week you’ll be set tasks to complete to build your audience and improve your visibility.

These all help you develop the practical skills and habits to have long-term success on LinkedIn.

Packed with actionable content

The program includes many actionable resources to ensure you develop a strategy and a habit that guarantees your success on LinkedIn if you adhere to the recommendations given.

We’ll also explore interactive scenarios to gain a fresh understanding of how you can use LinkedIn effectively in different contexts.

Long-term support

Most LinkedIn courses offer minimal support beyond the core training period.

We understand that building new habits take time, so we’ll support you with regular emails and optional group check-ins to help you hone your skills and maximise your progress for six months from the beginning of the course.

After posting my first video last week, I am totally shocked at how many views and comments I got. I had a client query within a couple of hours putting it up and also I was contacted by the CEO of a Carers organisation to hold a Zoom meeting. Thanks for the training, it has been a great help.

Moona Karim

6 Week Cohort-Based

Find out more information about joining my [in]credible accelerator programme.

I provide the same solution dedicated to a team within one organisation.

Contact me for details.

My programmes have one focus in mind – to create your success on LinkedIn.

My reputation relies on it!

Solution 2

LinkedIn Consultancy

Social media plays a huge role in the B2B decision-making process.

Potential customers are over 70% of their way through their consideration process before they even contact your business; they are out in the marketplace asking friends, family, colleagues, seeking recommendations and using search engines for information to solve their needs and wants.

As many as a third of customers decide on a different brand to their initial intention! Are you proud of the Profile you present? Are prospective customers walking past your virtual door without you even knowing as a result of a disappointing experience when visiting your Profile?

You can bring your own agenda for support to a session, or I can guide you on optimising your Profile and engagement and creating a winning LinkedIn strategy that works for your business needs and goals to increase and improve your outcomes.

I also offer support to help identify your target audience, sometimes going as far as researching a marketplace to identify a list of top prospects – all the necessary foundations for a successful LinkedIn strategy.

Consultancy support can be from a one-off session to continued support.

Ask me for details and let’s explore the possibilities for you.

Are you Proud of your LinkedIn profile?’

If the answer is ‘NO’

Ask me for details and let’s explore the possibilities.

Solution 3

LinkedIn Speaker Engagements

I love presenting and speaking about LinkedIn!

I have delivered hundreds of keynotes and presentations over the last ten years, to small, focused groups of 10 to 20 people, or to large audiences of several hundred people.

I am guaranteed to deliver an engaging session to meet your brief.

Take this LinkedIn Recommendation I received recently from Katey Curtis:

“I first worked with Nigel in 2016 in my Learning and Development Manager capacity. Nigel delivered an engaging and valuable session to our Business Development team at Simplybiz.

Having seen Nigel in action and following his insightful commentary on LinkedIn over the last few years, there seemed no-one more appropriate to launch and host our first Help to Grow Business Networking Event workshop for Huddersfield Business School.

On contacting Nigel to discuss the event, he was enthusiastic and bursting with ideas on what his session could include. Nigel understood our audience, what they would want from the relatively short time with him and was incredibly flexible to our way of working. Either that or the collaboration was perfectly aligned from the outset.

On the day Nigel was a superstar, you only need to see the engagement from the attendees on the various posts that followed his workshop to realise the insight and value that Nigel brings on his specialist subject – LinkedIn.

Nigel was engaging, personable and clearly knowledgeable about managing your personal brand through LinkedIn. He is also a great public speaker, held the room and flexed completely to work with the loudest rainfall known to man, lots of questions and a very tight agenda.

I love working with Nigel, so much so he will be running a session for us at the Business School shortly and as soon as we have the opportunity to include him in our future events we most certainly will.

Thank you Nigel for making our first Help to Grow Business Networking event such a success!”

Why choose my LinkedIn Training Courses

For ten years I have provided LinkedIn training full-time across most industry sectors and in many parts of the world.Whilst running a technology marketing company back in 2007, I used LinkedIn very successfully with great results. I loved it so much and clients started asking me so many questions, I decided to create a new business to support the demand. Thus, Value Exchange was born!

I differentiate my offering by being not just a trainer but an experienced LinkedIn practitioner, using LinkedIn for lead generation, personal brand improvement, marketing, and business development.

Through my LinkedIn training courses and consultancy, I provide in-depth insight into how best to achieve your strategic business objectives.

I work both in the UK and internationally with an extensive list of corporate organisations, professional service firms, institutes, educational establishments, charities, and the UK Central Government.

Through my public or private training programs and my speaker events, I have helped over 50,000 people improve their success on LinkedIn.

Over the last decade, my LinkedIn content has been seen by over 5 million people.

In 2021 alone, my content was viewed half a million times on LinkedIn with a network of fewer than 6,000 connections.

‘Every client I have ever worked with has reported improved results following my LinkedIn courses and support.

For many, it has literally
changed their personal or
business lives.’

And this is my ‘Why’!

I believe in the power of a person to become what they wish to become through the power of LinkedIn.