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Don't Just Learn Where Your Profile's Lacking, Learn HOW to Improve It with a LinkedInCredible Audit

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How to improve your LinkedIn profile

If you are simply wishing to learn how to improve your LinkedIn profile, then my simple LinkedInCredible Audit might be the solution for you.

You just ask me to provide a LinkedIn Profile Audit of your Profile and I report back within three days* giving you a LinkedInCredible score!

This score takes account of every single part of your Profile, from your Profile photo and Contact Details, down to your Recommendations and Skills, and reports back to you on how you are performing. I think it is more beneficial than LinkedIn’s own SSI score as my report shows you how to improve your LinkedIn Profile and your score!

The bespoke and personalised summary report, consisting of a 50-page analysis, takes you through every element of your Profile and provides specific guidance for you to take your Profile to the next level.

The package also includes a 20-minute one-to-one session with me, at a time chosen by you, to reflect on the contents of the report. This usually takes place a few weeks later when you have had the time to implement the suggested changes in the report.

Contact me on +44 (0)7976 894353 or email to learn more about LinkedInCredible Profile Audits.


£300 + VAT