Back to basics

  • Is your LinkedIn strategy effective?
  • Do people engage with your posts?
  • How likely are you to generate leads and opportunities from your LinkedIn activity?

Numbers need to crunched and stats must be analysed so you know that what you’re doing is worthwhile. Delving into LinkedIn Analytics can reveal if your time is better spent elsewhere. My insightful and eye-opening LinkedIn Audits dive into LinkedIn Analytics and translate the numbers into real terms and recommendations for improvements.

After discussing what you would like the powerful business-to-business platform to help you achieve, I set to work carrying out an objective and comprehensive LinkedIn Audit of your LinkedIn Profile or that of your employees or team and/or of your LinkedIn Company Page.

During my analysis I utilise various tools and assets, such as LinkedIn Analytics, to assess your number of Connections and Followers, determine how many times people have engaged or viewed your LinkedIn content and the number of times people have viewed your Profile, amongst other aspects of your LinkedIn output and presence.

The advantage of my LinkedIn Audits is that I take an optimistic approach to the audit process. I understand that ‘audits’ of any kind can make people feel scrutinised. Therefore, I deliver my jargon-free audits with no judgments, just simple actionable tips and support!

If you have trouble understanding LinkedIn Analytics, I am happy to help with my LinkedIn Audits.

My LinkedIn Audit service will:

  • make sure your LinkedIn strategy is effective, that you make progress when it comes to content engagement and that you stop making ongoing mistakes.
  • not just give you numbers for the sake of numbers. Instead, I will interpret the data from LinkedIn Analytics for you and provide practical tips on how to boost your LinkedIn activity, become a ‘thought leader’ and build relationships with the right people.
  • present the statistics and information in a clear, engaging and visually appealing manner, banishing all jargon. I am experienced at carrying out LinkedIn Audits to professionals in a range of sectors and know that not everyone is a ‘numbers person’.
  • provide long-term solutions. I never just deliver you your profile’s statistics and leave you scratching your head. I supply the means and knowledge for you to independently examine your own LinkedIn stats and use LinkedIn Analytics for future use.
  • come with lots of expert support. After the LinkedIn Audit, I meet with you, often virtually, to explain my findings and elaborate on what the numbers from LinkedIn Analytics and other tools reveal.
    A month later I follow-up on the progress you have had implementing my recommendations and answer any other queries you have – the progress never stops!
    You may also wish to have a secondary LinkedIn Audit done at this stage, to compare the stats and figures on your LinkedIn engagement and Followers from before and after you put my suggestions into action, allowing you to make further improvements to your LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy.

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