I was thrilled to recently have received a positive testimonial from an attendee of one of my recent LinkedIn training sessions saying:

“I’m really enjoying LinkedIn at the moment and after recently attending a training event by the knowledgeable Nigel Cliffe, I found a great little gem of a tool built into LinkedIn that measures your personal brand across your network, low and behold I’m now at a 76% and perfecting my profile regularly!”

The very purpose of LinkedIn is to share insights and ideas that will help make the lives of those in your network easier. So, in the spirit of imparting advice and tips, I thought I’d draw your attention to the often underused and under-valued LinkedIn asset that my Connection, market consultant, Daniel Cooke, alludes to in his kind review above.

The tool in question is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI). The handy tool gives you an overall score out of 100 that is unique to you based on how effectively you use LinkedIn for the purposes the platform was intended for – relationship building, engaging and promoting your professional self!

As a breakdown the LinkedIn Social Selling Index provides you with:

  1. A score out of 25 measuring how good you are at establishing your professional brand,
  2. A rating out of 25 establishing how successful you are at finding the right people,
  3. A mark out of 25 based on how well you engage with insights,
  4. A ranking, also out of 25, showing the quality of your relationship building skills on LinkedIn.

The helpful tool also compares your overall score to the average overall score of people in your industry and in your network so put your own rating into context.

How to Access LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Simply login to LinkedIn and add “/sales/ssi” to the end of the “www.linkedin.com” URL in the web address bar and you’ll find your unique score, which is updated daily, giving you an indication of what you could do more of to get the most out of LinkedIn.

The Best Part About LinkedIn Social Selling Index

The tool is at its best when it is used for improving your use of LinkedIn by monitoring your progress – rather than getting too hung up on the score itself. For instance:

What’s more, if you click each of the four categories of rankings you are treated to a quick slideshow of tips on how to improve your use of LinkedIn in each category area.

What are you waiting for? Go see what your LinkedIn Social Selling Index score is and find out how you could give it a boost!

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