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Why You Should Never Leave Your LinkedIn Profile Blank

11th March 2019

I mean, really?! We all see them. Profiles with no profile photo, no background image, no suitable job title, sometimes, as with the case above, no last name! The list, which gives me a grumpy face, goes on… But… YOU are a respected person in your industry. You leave home in a morning caring what […]

Must-Use LinkedIn Profile Tips Video

4th March 2019

I’m really lucky. I get to speak at some super events. A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited by Graham Shiers to speak at his Business Catalyst Club lunch event in both Leeds and Manchester to share some tips on using LinkedIn to generate leads. The Business Catalyst Club thrives as a networking […]

How Do I Improve My LinkedIn Feed?

26th February 2019

So, you’re not seeing the right stuff on LinkedIn, eh? How many times do I hear “LinkedIn is getting just like Facebook?” All I can say is it isn’t for me! My LinkedIn newsfeed is packed full of useful, intelligent content shared with my trusted network. So how do we address this? Apart from the […]

How to Take Control of Your LinkedIn Feed

25th February 2019

A valuable LinkedIn Connection of mine, friendly and forward-thinking accountant Aimeé Hargreaves of Ultra Accountancy, recently posted the question on LinkedIn: “Nigel, I wondered if you could please help me improve my [LinkedIn] feed? “My feed is full of, for example ‘so and so is interested in Kia Motors’ “How do I get rid of […]

What are LinkedIn’s Real Rules of Engagement?

18th February 2019

In business, as in our daily lives, there are certain conventions we follow so that we get along with other people. These are the rules of engagement we follow, or etiquette, if you like. Now, these rules vary according to the occasion, and sometimes they can be a bit tricky because they aren’t readily available […]

Why You Won’t Be One of My LinkedIn Connections

11th February 2019

Here’s why I won’t be connecting with you: You haven’t personalised your message asking me to connect. People who have sent a message with their invitation definitely get my attention first! Another technique that my Connection Carol Roberts highlighted is to accept Connection Requests from people who haven’t attached a personal message, (only if they’re […]

What Do the Search Results Say About You?

8th February 2019

Ever wondered who ‘owns’ the ‘search’ landscape? It’s Google, of course (I hear you say). You might be surprised to learn that Google is even stronger in Europe than in the United States. The UK alone drives 73 billion searches. This is, without a doubt, a monopoly situation. In fact, according to Alex Chris of […]

Changes in View Stats When Posting on LinkedIn

28th January 2019

Have your LinkedIn view stats just taken a nose-dive? A couple of connections have just asked me why their views on Posts have suddenly dropped? “Views of a post had been several hundred then dropped to just a few hundred” (for the same post). This happened to me before Christmas. I had over 5,500 of […]

Why You Should Use Boolean Operators

21st January 2019

Are you familiar with ‘Boolean Operators’? If not, you should be! Many people have heard me talk about the increasing importance of search. Both to find and be found. But the vast majority of people I train, are unfamiliar with the expression ‘boolean operator’. What Is This Boolean Operator I Speak Of? Essentially, a ‘Boolean […]

How My LinkedIn Training Sessions Are Tailored to YOUR Industry

14th January 2019

LinkedIn isn’t hot news. The platform isn’t a change nor is it a revolution in digital marketing, sales or business development. However, many professionals across the board DO need to change the way they use LinkedIn, as many still fail to leverage it to its full potential. LinkedIn should play a vital role in the […]

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