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Which Type of LinkedIn User Are You?

12th November 2018

There are now 575 million people registered on LinkedIn. 25 million are in the UK alone. That tells me that almost all business professionals have a LinkedIn profile, but my own experience tells me that a very small proportion of them are truly engaged. In fact, I have done a straw poll at events I […]

Say Cheese! How to Make a Good LinkedIn Profile Picture

5th November 2018

“Get yourself a great LinkedIn profile head shot!” This is what I tell the countless people who attend my LinkedIn Training Workshops and Masterclasses. My own LinkedIn profile picture certainly needed improving so I decided to invest some time doing just that. To that end, I had the pleasure of enjoying a nice afternoon with […]

How to Win Business on LinkedIn – Part 2

30th October 2018

Last week I revealed that winning business on LinkedIn is often dependent on you doing two fundamental things: ensuring your LinkedIn Profile gives the right impression and engaging with others on the business-to-business platform. In last week’s blog post I shared practical tips on how your profile photo should look and the importance of your […]

How to Win Business on LinkedIn – Part 1

22nd October 2018

Common to pretty much all businesses and organisations is one problem they must solve: how to win new business? With more than 570 million users worldwide, and with over 23 million of them in the UK, LinkedIn is a platform common to most adult working people. These two points are connected, because LinkedIn has the […]

How Can I Increase the Effectiveness of My Content Marketing on LinkedIn?

15th October 2018

I get asked the question of how to make Content Marketing more effective on LinkedIn quite regularly. In fact, people ask me about it a lot. The truth is there are SO many variables. But there is a common theme you cannot escape from, and it is this: “The more importance a consumer (of your […]

What Does Your LinkedIn Headline Say About You?

8th October 2018

“You need to have that 15-second elevator pitch for when you meet somebody.” That’s a very well-known nugget of advice in the business world. In particular, it applies if you attend a networking event or business exhibition but also if you bump into a person who may be interested in your services or products in […]

What’s the Secret Behind Successful Content Creation?

4th October 2018

How do I create engaging, helpful, valuable content? I get asked this all the time. If I knew the answer I would probably be on a beach sipping cocktails whilst sharing this! But I do know one thing. It’s not all about you – it’s about YOUR customers and THEIR interests. Start here, and you […]

Voice Search Complementing LinkedIn Strategies

27th September 2018

I think the topic of Search and more specifically, Voice Search, is so important. Are You an Avid User of Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana or Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ Echo device? A few years ago, you might have considered the idea of quizzing your mobile device for an answer to a problem or question extremely […]

Tips From My Business Network Session

20th September 2018

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited by Leeds Trinity Business Network to deliver an interactive and insightful session on how people can maximise their use of LinkedIn. The seminar was aptly named: “LinkedIn? You REALLY Don’t Know What You’re Missing!”. I say aptly as sadly; many people really don’t know what they’re […]

New Digital Shift Programme

10th September 2018

Being a LinkedIn trainer, consultant, course leader and networker I often have the privilege of meeting business owners and aspiring professionals from all sorts of backgrounds, industries, and walks of life. That’s why I’m delighted to be playing a small part in Calderdale’s new Digital Shift programme. The new and rather exciting resources initiative is […]

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