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How to Handle Hashtags on LinkedIn

15th July 2019

Are you in the habit of using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts? If so, how many do you use? One? Three? Five? More? The latest recommendation is to stick to three hashtags to help interested people find your post. One of my respected LinkedIn friends, Chicago based Advanced LinkedIn Strategies Coach, Andy Foote, recently shared […]

Why I Disagree with the People You May Know LinkedIn Feature

11th July 2019

People you may know on LinkedIn. Is this feature EVER useful? Where is the Feature Located? Found when you’re on your ‘My Network’ tab on LinkedIn, the platform will tell you how many mutual Connections you have in common with the people it suggests you Connect with and present you with a Connect button underneath […]

Newsflash! Important LinkedIn Update!

1st July 2019

Newsflash exclusive! LinkedIn has been busy making a lot of changes lately, including going niche with algorithm changes and adding ‘Documents’ to the summary of your Activity details. LinkedIn Goes Niche with Algorithm Update! LinkedIn has recently announced that algorithm changes made over the past 12-18 months will favour conversations in your feed that cater […]

Podcast: LinkedIn Best Practices for HR Professionals

26th June 2019

I was thrilled to be asked to take part in an episode of Human Resources Marketing Specialist, Ben Geoghegan’s ‘A Better HR Business’ podcast. Ben is the man behind the website and helps HR businesses boost their sales by carrying out business-to-business customer research and devising client-generating content marketing packages and plans. Ben quizzed […]

The Benefits of a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

18th June 2019

Are you on LinkedIn to generate new business? If so, I have an important thought I wish to share with you… I see so many people engage with content, i.e. Share, Like or Comment on matters that don’t relate to their interests. Simply commenting with a generic and overused “Have a Happy Monday” doesn’t cut […]

Why You Should Support the Autoban Campaign for LinkedIn

10th June 2019

I was one part of, quite frankly, a baffling conservation recently. It went something along the lines of: Stranger: Hey Nigel, I hear you are the LinkedIn go-to guy? Me: Err, well, some say so… Stranger: I need leads, can you help? Me: Sure, let’s have a chat to discuss what you are looking to […]

A Guide to LinkedIn Privacy Settings

6th June 2019

Privacy? What privacy?! Do you find yourself wondering about just how much online privacy you have these days? I certainly do. I’m acutely aware that pretty much every keystroke I make is being tracked, somewhere, by someone. So how does this translate when using LinkedIn? I’m on the LinkedIn platform to learn and engage with […]

How to Post a Comment on LinkedIn: Don’t Be a Lurker!

29th May 2019

“How do I begin to start adding content on LinkedIn?” “I’m lacking confidence…” “I don’t have anything to say…” “I don’t want to offend someone…” “I don’t want my colleagues taking the p1$$ out of me…” “I don’t know how to do it…” I hear these comments all the time. I see people fretting and […]

How to Write Engaging Content

20th May 2019

Last week I noticed a slight layout change on a person’s Activity panel over on LinkedIn. A person’s Activity panel is accessed by visiting their Profile, scrolling down to their ‘Articles & activity’ box/section and clicking on the blue ‘See all activity’ link. The layout used to be: Articles – Posts – All Activity Now […]

How To Build Thought Leadership

15th May 2019

Back in 2016, I published a LinkedIn article titled ‘Thought Leadership. What’s it all about?’. In the article, I stated that ‘thought leadership’ was THE buzzword of the modern business world at the time but that the term was often abused and confused with ‘content marketing’. This still seems to be the case today, according […]

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