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New Digital Shift Programme for Calderdale Businesses

10th September 2018

Being a LinkedIn trainer, consultant, course leader and networker I often have the privilege of meeting business owners and aspiring professionals from all sorts of backgrounds, industries, and walks of life. That’s why I’m delighted to be playing a small part in Calderdale’s new Digital Shift programme. The new and rather exciting resources initiative is […]

How Do I Maximise My LinkedIn Summary?

3rd September 2018

Are you maximising your LinkedIn Summary? When we view someone’s profile on LinkedIn we are strongly encouraged to click the ‘See more’ link which is displayed prominently after the first three lines of that someone’s Summary section (making those first three lines all the more crucial). If our profile is attractive enough, a visitor to […]

How Do I Make My LinkedIn Profile Stand Out? A Step-by-Step Guide.

28th August 2018

Do you think your LinkedIn profile ‘jumps” out to the people you want to be found by against the millions of existing profiles? Nowadays, rather than getting asked ‘How can I make my LinkedIn Profile look professional?’ or ‘How can I make my LinkedIn profile better?’ I am getting asked more and more ‘How do […]

The Importance of Personalising LinkedIn Connection Requests

20th August 2018

What is the point of a connection on LinkedIn if it isn’t likely to be followed by a conversation? We’re all familiar with that tiresome feeling that makes you groan when you come back to work after being away to find you have mountains of emails to catch up on. I have recently returned from […]

Corporate LinkedIn Training

15th August 2018

The odds are stacked against me when I say “fancy doing any ‘Corporate LinkedIn Training” to any professionals I meet at the various networking events I attend. “Corporate” conjures images of serious businessmen in dark suits carrying black briefcases crammed with dull documents that need to be read in preparation for the countless meetings said […]

The LinkedIn Profile Writing Service That Practises Active Listening

6th August 2018

“Tell us a bit about yourself”, “So what’s your story then?”, “What do you do?” The above are all statements and questions that make even the most self-assured and confident of us stammer, stutter and freeze. Not many people like talking about themselves, especially when put on the spot, nor do we like to toot […]

Introducing My New LinkedIn Advanced Masterclass

30th July 2018

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you’re never too old to learn’ and indeed, we never stop learning – especially when it comes to the world of technology and social media! You may be an avid, regular user of LinkedIn but, with the platform constantly releasing updates to stay fresh, useful and relevant, whether they be […]

Skills Match Index (SMI) – a New LinkedIn Feature?

26th July 2018

Skills Match Index (SMI): IS THIS A NEW LinkedIn FEATURE? Background: LinkedIn’s vision is to create economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce. The mission of LinkedIn’s Data Science team is to transform the data from the world’s largest professional network into actionable products/insights. When LinkedIn rapidly ramp-up new product features and content, […]

Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn Social Selling Index

19th July 2018

I was thrilled to recently have received a positive testimonial from an attendee of one of my recent LinkedIn training sessions saying: “I’m really enjoying LinkedIn at the moment and after recently attending a training event by the knowledgeable Nigel Cliffe, I found a great little gem of a tool built into LinkedIn that measures […]

LinkedIn Masterclass Anyone?

12th July 2018

I’d like to thank the hundreds of people who have attended my LinkedIn Bootcamps over the last six years and the thousands who have listened to me at speaking events. You are all my motivation! As I see many people progress in their LinkedIn journeys, I am considering holding a new course, aimed at advanced […]

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