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How to Write Engaging Content

20th May 2019

Last week I noticed a slight layout change on a person’s Activity panel over on LinkedIn. A person’s Activity panel is accessed by visiting their Profile, scrolling down to their ‘Articles & activity’ box/section and clicking on the blue ‘See all activity’ link. The layout used to be: Articles – Posts – All Activity Now […]

How To Build Thought Leadership

15th May 2019

Back in 2016, I published a LinkedIn article titled ‘Thought Leadership. What’s it all about?’. In the article, I stated that ‘thought leadership’ was THE buzzword of the modern business world at the time but that the term was often abused and confused with ‘content marketing’. This still seems to be the case today, according […]

How to Protect Your Business from Competitors

7th May 2019

People often ask business and sales consultants about how to protect their business from competitors. Now there are many answers to this question, but one such tip where LinkedIn is concerned relates to a question I get asked: Should you have the ‘People Also Viewed’ LinkedIn setting switched on? If you’re a curious and inquisitive […]

Who Are My LinkedIn Followers?

29th April 2019

Do you know who’s Following you on LinkedIn? (And for that matter, who you Follow?!) What’s the Difference Between a LinkedIn Follower and a Connection? Before I explain how to find out, my good friend, accountant Aimeé Hargreaves, recently asked me what the difference is between a Follower and a Connection. Here’s the answer I […]

Coming Soon: The LinkedIn Teammates Feature

25th April 2019

“Should I Connect With My Work Colleagues?” It’s a question I get a lot. People often worry if Connecting with their colleagues is pointless or not the usual social etiquette. “I see them every day, why would I want to connect with them?” “Does it look a bit ‘funny’ if I connect?” I see their […]

Why Authentic Content is Best After March’s Google Algorithm Update

17th April 2019

“The Latest Google Update Slams Traditional Publishers” This is just one of the outcomes that the Google algorithm update resulted in according to D. Eadward Tree, writing for The Publishing Executive. D. Eadward Tree writes: “Such venerable publishing brands as The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, and Harvard Business Review suffered declines in U.S. Google search traffic […]

Should I Accept Random Connection Requests?

5th April 2019

Do you often hesitate and ponder if you should hit the ‘accept’ button on a mysterious or unknown LinkedIn Connection request? A Connection of one of my Connections, Freelance Copywriter and Copy Editor Laura Barritt, recently posed the below question on LinkedIn: Random connection requests: accept or deny? I’m not talking about obvious spammers. (Lloyd, […]

How Does LinkedIn Work?

1st April 2019

I often get asked by curious folk: “How does LinkedIn work?” “How can you generate a pipeline of business opportunities from it?” “How does it actually transform lives?” I often say the foundations of LinkedIn success are built on three core pillars: 1. Engagement 2. Activity 3. Connecting So, say you have a top-notch LinkedIn […]

How to Craft Compelling Content on LinkedIn

25th March 2019

It’s all very well being told content is key on LinkedIn, but what should we share and how? LinkedIn is the most popular channel for B2B marketers distributing their content. It is responsible for 46% of the social traffic going to company websites, and its membership includes around 46 million decision-makers. Impressive stats, you’ll agree. […]

What is LinkedIn?

22nd March 2019

It’s easy for me, as a LinkedIn Trainer, course leader and speaker, to forget that there are professionals and people out there who don’t know what LinkedIn is. They might have some vague notion that “it’s Facebook for businesses” or that “it’s an online version of your CV”, but they can’t specifically define it. In […]

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