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LinkedIn Masterclass Anyone?

12th July 2018

I’d like to thank the hundreds of people who have attended my LinkedIn Bootcamps over the last six years and the thousands who have listened to me at speaking events. You are all my motivation! As I see many people progress in their LinkedIn journeys, I am considering holding a new course, aimed at advanced […]

LinkedIn Profile Critique – The What, How and Why!

10th July 2018

You may be able to apply the ‘one size fits all’ approach the majority of the time when it comes to marketing socks (everybody needs socks and generally they come in one or two generic sizes) or when it comes to promoting holidays for couples (bright photos of sun-kissed beaches seals the deal for most […]

The Optimistic Approach to a LinkedIn Audit

26th June 2018

‘Audit’. ‘Company audit’, ‘Financial audit’, ‘Official audit’, no matter which term precedes it or how you say it, the word ‘audit’ always manages to sound daunting doesn’t it? Surrendering our finances, accounts or businesses to be put under the microscope and be scrutinised by outside bodies inevitably creates stress and pressure. Have I done everything […]

How Technology Can Facilitate Global Networking

12th June 2018

Technophobe or tech whiz isn’t technology amazing in 2018? In my last blog post, I shared how I had the privilege of chatting to a LinkedIn Coach colleague, Bruce Johnston discussing different aspects of LinkedIn. Zoom Video Conferencing was the tool we used to make our conversation happen…despite Bruce being based in Ontario in Canada […]

The Advantages of Publishing Content on LinkedIn

5th June 2018

I recently had the pleasure of catching up fellow LinkedIn coach and trainer Bruce Johnston, who is based in Ontario, Canada, catching up on all things LinkedIn! We had this catch up (pictured right) using Zoom Video Conferencing, which is a wonderful tool that makes those long-distance relationships just that little bit closer. Zoom, like […]

Should I Connect With Competitors LinkedIn?

1st June 2018

You may have wondered from time-to-time: should you connect with the competition on LinkedIn? My answer is always a resounding: “Hell yes!” Why? Simply because I learn every day from brilliant and knowledgeable people. While I can see why people may be reluctant to connect with their competition, not wanting to reveal their tricks of […]

Saving a PDF of Your LinkedIn Profile Content

31st May 2018

Ever wanted to have a copy of all that is written on your LinkedIn profile? Since hindsight is the worst and it has always helped me to look back and reflect on old content in order to progress with new content in the present, I advise everyone to have a copy of their content that […]

Value Exchange to Have a Stand at LAW 2018 Leeds

29th May 2018

I’m pleased to help a variety of sectors enhance and transform their LinkedIn efforts, implementing strategic approaches that help them achieve their unique business goals. One such sector that I work this is the legal field, who are understandably cautious when it comes to creating a LinkedIn strategy. This industry-wide caution when it comes to […]

Value Exchange at Leeds Hotels and Venues Association Events

29th May 2018

Hotels often underestimate the gains they can get from LinkedIn when the platform is used strategically. I’m looking forward to delivering a short series of insightful sessions for Leeds Hotels and Venues Association in the next two months, specifically aimed at how hotels and venues can use LinkedIn to their advantage to effectively engage with […]

My ‘Must See’ Knowledge Transfer Network Event at the University of Bradford

29th May 2018

For more than a decade the University of Bradford’s Faculty of Management and Law has offered the successful transfer and sharing of knowledge from its Global 100 Business School by working alongside businesses with the aim of driving strategy and inspiring innovation. The University of Bradford’s diverse range of networks and services provide excellent opportunities […]

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