Saving a PDF of Your LinkedIn Profile Content

By Nigel Cliffe

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Ever wanted to have a copy of all that is written on your LinkedIn profile?

Since hindsight is the worst and it has always helped me to look back and reflect on old content in order to progress with new content in the present, I advise everyone to have a copy of their content that they have carefully crafted on LinkedIn.

It’s so easy after all!

On your profile page (on the desktop) simply:

  1. Click ‘More’ (to the right of your blue ‘Add Profile Section button’ under your Profile Headline,
  2. Then click on ‘Save to PDF’ from the drop-down menu that appears,
  3. Save the PDF in a logical place you will remember it for future use.

That’s it!

LinkedIn does strange things sometimes and having your own copy of the important things you have crafted here is a good thing as you wouldn’t want to lose all that content you channelled your valuable time, effort and energy into creating.

Have you got any LinkedIn tips? I’m always open to learning so feel free to share them with me on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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