Are you unsure how to reach your goals on LinkedIn?

Let me help you to take your LinkedIn strategy to the next level.

Supported LinkedIn Training and Development

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The [in]credible accelerator program

My [in]credible accelerator program will give you the knowledge, skills and habits you need to build your personal brand and drive an ongoing pipeline of new business opportunities with LinkedIn.

There are two options available:

For you – A six-week online course, shared in a cohort with other professionals, guided my me at the beginning of each two-week sprint.
For your company – Along similar lines, bringing a group of employees together to drive combined success.

Immediate impact

Join the [in]credible Linkedin Accelerator and you’ll begin to see visible results in the first few weeks.

The entire programme is designed around giving you the knowledge, skills and habits to be a LinkedIn success as soon as possible.

We’ll give you the tools to track your progress so you can monitor the impact of your efforts.

Learn together in a supportive group

You’ll be joined by other talented professionals looking to get more from LinkedIn.

Every two weeks we’ll join a video call to learn from each other and hold ourselves accountable for our progress.

Between weeks you’ll discuss and share your progress on our learning platform.

Flexible delivery

Unlike other LinkedIn programmes, the [in]credible Accelerator is a blended mix of self-study online content and live group discussions.

This give you the flexibility to work on your LinkedIn presence and activity whenever you please.

So if you’d prefer to study during the weekdays or blitz it over the weekend, it’s your choice.

Learn by doing

We learn more by taking action than passively consuming content.

Each week you’ll be set tasks to complete to build your audience and improve your visibility.

These all help you develop the practical skills and habits to have long-term success on LinkedIn.

Packed with actionable content

The program includes many actionable resources to ensure you develop a strategy and a habit that guarantees your success on LinkedIn if you adhere to the recommendations given.

We’ll also explore interactive scenarios to gain a fresh understanding of how you can use LinkedIn effectively in different contexts.

Long-term support

Most LinkedIn courses offer minimal support beyond the core training period.

We understand that building new habits take time, so we’ll support you with regular emails and optional group check-ins to help you hone your skills and maximise your progress for six months from the beginning of the course.

After posting my first video last week, I am totally shocked at how many views and comments I got. I had a client query within a couple of hours putting it up and also I was contacted by the CEO of a Carers organisation to hold a Zoom meeting. Thanks for the training, it has been a great help.

Moona Karim

6 Week Cohort-Based

Your One-to-One Session with Me

Here’s how it works

We set-up a session for me to understand your goals.

This could be online or in-person.

What do you want LinkedIn to help you achieve?

As with all my LinkedIn training sessions, I will review your LinkedIn Profile in detail to establish your existing competency on LinkedIn.

I will then produce a summary report with a recommended strategy to help you achieve those goals.

This could be a series of small fixes, or a more comprehensive strategy for us to work together over the long-term.

I will recommend as many sessions as necessary with me to achieve our objective. This will often be split into measurable phases, to track our progress.

Sometimes I might recommend for you to attend my [in]credible accelerator programme, joining up with twelve other professionals wishing to improve their outcomes through a better understanding and use of LinkedIn.

I strongly believe that whatever your career and personal goals, they be achieved by optimising your profile and by being engaged on LinkedIn.

There will be a continuous list of actions I will encourage you to take following each session to improve your profile and be well prepared to engage in an effective way on the platform to reach your goals.

Want to know your existing SSI score?

To obtain your existing SSI score,
simply log into LinkedIn, open up
another tab, and go to
It will look something like this:
Your SSI, Social Selling Index
How I can help you turn this into
multiple opportunities in a
few hours.

Learning Outcomes

The broad categories that people often wish to improve are:

  • Profile improvement
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Engaging successfully with your target audience — what is the optimum process?
  • Finding potential customers on LinkedIn
  • Optimising your profile and engagement to attract the right people to your profile and content

… and, of course, a combination of any or all of the above!

Please get in touch for more details about a consultancy that suits your needs.

guarantee positive results, or you can have your money back! Oh, and we’ll have some fun in the process!

P.S. I don’t rate the LinkedIn SSI score for anything more than a guide to show a positive improvement over time. Having a higher SSI score doesn’t guarantee you achieve your own objectives!

LinkedIn Masterclass: One-to-One Testimonial


Following on from your LinkedInCredible training course a few weeks ago I thought you would appreciate an update.

Since implementing your guidance and being more active on LinkedIn we have secured two significant contracts which will contribute more than 50 % of our target estimated turnover.

One is in Houston Texas and on in Baku Azerbaijan. Both will be supported remotely.

For the one in Baku, I noticed the Program Director for that region looking at my LinkedIn profile. A few days later I got a LinkedIn message from him and a civilised chat followed resulting in the order.

Thanks again

Peter F Cranston.

Cranston Engineering Ltd