Your One-to-One Session with Me

Here’s how it works:

As with all of my LinkedIn training sessions, I will review your profile in detail to establish your existing competency on LinkedIn. I have developed a methodology to give you a score. This is a very personal score, determined by me, and not to be confused with your LinkedIn SSI score.

To obtain your existing SSI score, simply log into LinkedIn, open up another tab, and go to It will look something like this:

LinkedIn SSI score (Social Selling Index)

When looking at your profile and working out my score for you, I will see multiple opportunities to improve your outcomes from your time spent on LinkedIn. I will propose a few remote sessions, usually around 60 or 90 minutes each, to delve deeper into tips and strategies to improve your LinkedIn lead generation.

There will be a list of actions you can take following the session to improve your profile and be more prepared to engage in an effective way.

Quite often, this single advanced session is all you need to make the difference to improve your outcomes. But if the session delivers results for you, and you feel you can benefit from further sessions, then we can add them as we go.

Learning Outcomes

The broad categories that people often wish to improve are:

… and, of course, a combination of any or all of the above!

Please get in touch for more details about a consultancy that suits your needs. I guarantee positive results or you can have your money back! Oh, and we’ll have some fun in the process!

P.S. I don’t rate the LinkedIn SSI score for anything more than a guide for you to show a positive improvement. Having a higher SSI score doesn’t guarantee you achieve your own objectives!

LinkedIn Masterclass: One-to-One Testimonial


“Following on from your LinkedInCredible training course a few weeks ago I thought you would appreciate an update.

Since implementing your guidance and being more active on LinkedIn we have secured two significant contracts which will contribute more than 50 % of our target estimated turnover.

One is in Houston Texas and on in Baku Azerbaijan. Both will be supported remotely.

For the one in Baku, I noticed the Program Director for that region looking at my LinkedIn profile. A few days later I got a LinkedIn message from him and a civilised chat followed resulting in the order.

Thanks again”

Peter F Cranston.

Cranston Engineering Ltd


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