LinkedIn Consultancy Value

Social media plays a huge role in the B2B decision-making process. Potential customers are over 70% of their way through their consideration process before they even contact your business; they are out in the marketplace asking friends, family, colleagues, seeking recommendations and using search engines for information to solve their needs and wants.

As many as a third of customers decide on a different brand to their initial intention! Are you proud of the Profile you present? Are prospective customers walking past your door without you even knowing as a result of a disappointing experience when visiting your Profile?

“LinkedIn is a super-rich source of data and information – but only if you know how to find it.”

You can bring your own agenda for support to a session or I can guide you on optimising your Profile and engagement and creating a winning LinkedIn strategy that works for your unique business needs and goals to increase and improve your outcomes.

I also offer support to help identify your target audience, sometimes going as far as researching a marketplace to identify a list of top prospects – all the necessary foundations for a successful LinkedIn strategy.

Consultancy Works

Value Exchange’s LinkedIn Consultancy can work with you to:

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