The odds are stacked against me when I say “fancy doing any ‘Corporate LinkedIn Training” to any professionals I meet at the various networking events I attend.

“Corporate” conjures images of serious businessmen in dark suits carrying black briefcases crammed with dull documents that need to be read in preparation for the countless meetings said serious suit-sporting briefcase carrying businessmen have to attend.

“LinkedIn” is often severely misunderstood (I am naturally biased here) and may even be met with a declaration of “that’s such a waste of time!”

“Training” often causes the question “do I have time to be away from the office for training on a social media platform?” to spring to mind in the thoughts of the people I encounter at events.

Do you know what I say?

Corporate doesn’t have to mean dull. My Corporate LinkedIn Training sessions are really designed to be informative and insightful and fun and friendly in equal measure. The interactive training is delivered in a lively atmosphere with like-minded individuals where no question is too big or small, obvious or silly.

LinkedIn can, amongst other things:

Training is time out of the working day, but you would be amazed at what a difference a day away from the office can do for your creative juices, mood and perspective. I’ll guarantee you’ll return with fresh ideas that will propel your business forward!

You’re also having a detrimental effect on your career if you’re not open to the prospect of learning new skills, whatever those new skills may be. The dynamic Corporate LinkedIn Training I provide is suitable for all professionals from a range of backgrounds, discipline, industries and stages in their careers. Never stop learning!

My Unique Corporate LinkedIn Training Sessions include:

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