How to Make a Video for LinkedIn

By Nigel Cliffe

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You may have been ‘winning’ at LinkedIn a year or so ago, with your posts generating lots of engagement and comments and the right people making contact with you. But perhaps you’ve noticed engagement on your LinkedIn content has dried up and you’ve considered branching out into new mediums, like video? If this sounds like you, chances are you’re wondering what the right answer is to the question ‘How to Make a Video for LinkedIn?’

Common Obstacles that Stand in the Way of Making Videos for LinkedIn

The truth is, there’s no major right and wrong answer to how to make a video for LinkedIn. For many people, the biggest challenge to overcome is pressing record on the camera, not freezing when filming and then having the confidence to actually upload it to LinkedIn. Video puts you in the spotlight like no other medium. People can see and hear you! That’s a scary prospect. However, video helps convey your personality to your Followers, adding that personal touch that lends itself so well on social media. It is also more engaging and appeals to visual and audio learners as well as those who just like to read your posts.

What Should My Video for LinkedIn Be About?

Other obstacles include thinking of ideas about what subjects to publish videos on. My advice? Start with what you know. We’re each a product of our own unique experiences, skill set, qualifications and knowledge. If even one person in your network benefits from the advice you have to offer in the field you work in, that’s a win!

We often have a perception that videos are very technical and time-consuming but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you know how to do something and practice doing said activity, it then becomes immensely quicker. (I know I said there was no right or wrong answer to the query, how to make a video for LinkedIn, but there are definitely some nifty best-practice tips and techniques.

To this end, I’ve teamed up with Ryan Mulhern from First Frame Productions and combined my LinkedIn Training with his Smartphone Video Workshop to bring you the Ultimate LinkedIn Content & Video Masterclass, ideal for people who are already active on LinkedIn.


Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa, 1150 Century Way, Leeds, LS15 8ZB.


Thursday 25th September 2019, 8:30am (for registration, breakfast and networking) to 4pm with a break for lunch included.

What Will I Learn About How to Make a Video for LinkedIn?

  • How to master storytelling on camera
  • Ideas to create original and engaging content on LinkedIn
  • The best ways to make videos using just your smartphone to showcase your products, personal vlogs, client testimonials, promotions or events
  • How to carry out competitor monitoring and intelligence gathering using LinkedIn
  • How to master easy to use recommended apps and equipment to edit your footage and improve your videos
  • What thought leadership is and how to demonstrate it on LinkedIn
  • How to feel at ease and ooze confidence on camera (it is possible I promise!)
  • How to create a video marketing strategy to immediately start distributing your videos
  • Tips like smiling at the camera and not saying anything for a few seconds at the start and end of your video to give you a chance to ‘trim’ the awkward bit of footage at the beginning and end of your video where you’re pressing record and stop and getting set up
  • How to identify key decision-makers and influencers who are relevant to you and your business using advanced search techniques

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