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How to Search Hashtags on LinkedIn and Amplify Your Content

2nd September 2019

I’ve written before about LinkedIn hashtags covering topics such as, which ones are the most popular on the platform, how many I would recommend including […]

How to Make a Video for LinkedIn

27th August 2019

You may have been ‘winning’ at LinkedIn a year or so ago, with your posts generating lots of engagement and comments and the right people […]

LinkedIn as a Managed Service? No Thanks…

23rd August 2019

LinkedIn-as-a-Service? You will be aware of the expression ‘Software-as-a-Service’? I heard a new one this week which made me think: Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) As transport becomes […]

Should I Get LinkedIn Premium?

16th August 2019

“Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?” “Should I pay for LinkedIn?” I’m often asked these questions during my LinkedIn Workshops and at events I speak at. […]

Sort Your Weekly Search Stats Out LinkedIn!

8th August 2019

Which LinkedIn Stats Are Making Me Make My Grumpy Face? Over the last few years, as I’ve delivered LinkedIn Courses, LinkedIn Consultancy services and spoken […]

LinkedIn Features Update: Showcase Services

25th July 2019

Do YOU fancy showcasing YOUR services? In an attention-grabbing way that is. Of course you do! I’ve written before about how you should treat your […]

Embrace the Background Noise of Santander’s Work Café!

22nd July 2019

There’s a new and growing trend on the horizon and I had the pleasure of witnessing the launch of this innovation in the UK. Santander’s […]

How to Handle Hashtags on LinkedIn

15th July 2019

Are you in the habit of using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts? If so, how many do you use? One? Three? Five? More? The latest […]

Why I Disagree with the People You May Know LinkedIn Feature

11th July 2019

People you may know on LinkedIn. Is this feature EVER useful? Where is the Feature Located? Found when you’re on your ‘My Network’ tab on […]

Newsflash! Important LinkedIn Update!

1st July 2019

Newsflash exclusive! LinkedIn has been busy making a lot of changes lately, including going niche with algorithm changes and adding ‘Documents’ to the summary of […]

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