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WEBINAR How to Use LinkedIn for Business Growth and Your Personal Brand

4th December 2019

I was delighted to take part in business development company UMi’s ‘Table Talk’ webinar titled: ‘How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business and Personal […]

How to Make the Most of the Changing Nature of B2B Sales

28th November 2019

Are you one of those companies failing to make the most of the changing nature of B2B sales? By failing to understand the way the […]

Why Do People Use LinkedIn?

21st November 2019

I often say the key to success on LinkedIn is to engage with content by commenting and sharing your thoughts and content that you think […]

The Process Behind Creating the Best LinkedIn Headlines

14th November 2019

A few weeks ago, I decided to change my LinkedIn headline. It’s hard to get the message about what you do and how you can […]

Are You Using the Industry Sector List on LinkedIn Correctly?

5th November 2019

Are you represented in the correct ‘Industry Sector’ on LinkedIn? Have you selected the correct option from LinkedIn’s industry sector list on your LinkedIn profile? […]

LinkedIn Lead Generation: What NOT to Do!

31st October 2019

“I can generate you 5 new clients a week” What a con! The above image shows my Invitations inbox right now. Full of auto lead […]

Why You Should Think Twice Before Copying Multiple People into Your LinkedIn Messages

21st October 2019

“Nigel left the conversation” A bit blunt isn’t it?! I wanted to share a valuable LinkedIn Messages tip with you. I understand that we’re all […]

How to Write a LinkedIn Summary

16th October 2019

I often get asked this question. Along with: “What should I put in my LinkedIn ‘About’ section?” (LinkedIn used to call the ‘About’ section your […]

What is an ALT Tag and How Can It Be Used on LinkedIn?

7th October 2019

Have you seen this new suggestion when posting images on LinkedIn? “Making your photos more inclusive” Should you care? You bet you should! In technical […]

How to Build Trust with Your Audience on LinkedIn

3rd October 2019

Are you EAT’ing on LinkedIn? Being attractive to people on LinkedIn consists of: Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness Those nouns are a mouthful, so the […]

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