WEBINAR How to Use LinkedIn for Business Growth and Your Personal Brand

4th December 2019

I was delighted to take part in business development company UMi’s ‘Table Talk’ webinar titled: ‘How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business and Personal […]

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How to Make the Most of the Changing Nature of B2B Sales

28th November 2019

Are you one of those companies failing to make the most of the changing nature of B2B sales? By failing to understand the way the […]

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Why Do People Use LinkedIn?

21st November 2019

I often say the key to success on LinkedIn is to engage with content by commenting and sharing your thoughts and content that you think […]

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The Process Behind Creating the Best LinkedIn Headlines

14th November 2019

*UPDATE* Since writing this blog post, the character count for LinkedIn headlines has now been extended from 120 characters to 220 characters (including spaces) but […]

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Are You Using the Industry Sector List on LinkedIn Correctly?

5th November 2019

Are you represented in the correct ‘Industry Sector’ on LinkedIn? Have you selected the correct option from LinkedIn’s industry sector list on your LinkedIn profile? […]

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LinkedIn Lead Generation: What NOT to Do!

31st October 2019

“I can generate you 5 new clients a week” What a con! The above image shows my Invitations inbox right now. Full of auto lead […]

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Why You Should Think Twice Before Copying Multiple People into Your LinkedIn Messages

21st October 2019

“Nigel left the conversation” A bit blunt isn’t it?! I wanted to share a valuable LinkedIn Messages tip with you. I understand that we’re all […]

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How to Write a LinkedIn Summary

16th October 2019

I often get asked this question. Along with: “What should I put in my LinkedIn ‘About’ section?” (LinkedIn used to call the ‘About’ section your […]

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What is an ALT Tag and How Can It Be Used on LinkedIn?

7th October 2019

Have you seen this new suggestion when posting images on LinkedIn? “Making your photos more inclusive” Should you care? You bet you should! In technical […]

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How to Build Trust with Your Audience on LinkedIn

3rd October 2019

Are you EAT’ing on LinkedIn? Being attractive to people on LinkedIn consists of: Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness Those nouns are a mouthful, so the […]

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What Does Found You Via LinkedIn Search Mean?

26th September 2019

‘Found You Via LinkedIn Search’ You’ve seen it often, I’m sure? When you scroll to the ‘Your Dashboard’ section on your LinkedIn Profile and click […]

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Why You Should Vet All Your LinkedIn Connection Requests!

16th September 2019

Seriously, you should check ALL incoming LinkedIn requests to connect VERY carefully! I just had to share this with you… A highly regarded connection of […]

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Match Made in Heaven: LinkedIn Skills

13th September 2019

What are you good at? What are your strengths? What subjects do people come to you for advice on? What area do you feel you […]

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How to Make a Video for LinkedIn

27th August 2019

You may have been ‘winning’ at LinkedIn a year or so ago, with your posts generating lots of engagement and comments and the right people […]

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LinkedIn as a Managed Service? No Thanks…

23rd August 2019

LinkedIn-as-a-Service? You will be aware of the expression ‘Software-as-a-Service’? I heard a new one this week which made me think: Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) As transport becomes […]

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Should I Get LinkedIn Premium?

16th August 2019

“Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?” “Should I pay for LinkedIn?” I’m often asked these questions during my LinkedIn Workshops and at events I speak at. […]

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Sort Your Weekly Search Stats Out LinkedIn!

8th August 2019

Which LinkedIn Stats Are Making Me Make My Grumpy Face? Over the last few years, as I’ve delivered LinkedIn Courses, LinkedIn Consultancy services and spoken […]

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Embrace the Background Noise of Santander’s Work Café!

22nd July 2019

There’s a new and growing trend on the horizon and I had the pleasure of witnessing the launch of this innovation in the UK. Santander’s […]

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Why I Disagree with the People You May Know LinkedIn Feature

11th July 2019

People you may know on LinkedIn. Is this feature EVER useful? Where Is the Feature Located? Found when you’re on your ‘My Network’ tab on […]

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Newsflash! Important LinkedIn Update!

1st July 2019

Newsflash exclusive! LinkedIn has been busy making a lot of changes lately, including going niche with algorithm changes and adding ‘Documents’ to the summary of […]

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Podcast: LinkedIn Best Practices for HR Professionals

26th June 2019

I was thrilled to be asked to take part in an episode of Human Resources Marketing Specialist, Ben Geoghegan’s ‘A Better HR Business’ podcast. Ben […]

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The Benefits of a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

18th June 2019

Are you on LinkedIn to generate new business? If so, I have an important thought I wish to share with you… I see so many […]

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Why You Should Support the Autoban Campaign for LinkedIn

10th June 2019

I was one part of, quite frankly, a baffling conservation recently. It went something along the lines of: Stranger: Hey Nigel, I hear you are […]

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A Guide to LinkedIn Privacy Settings

6th June 2019

Privacy? What privacy?! Do you find yourself wondering about just how much online privacy you have these days? I certainly do. I’m acutely aware that […]

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How to Post a Comment on LinkedIn: Don’t Be a Lurker!

29th May 2019

“How do I begin to start adding content on LinkedIn?” “I’m lacking confidence…” “I don’t have anything to say…” “What if I offend someone?” “I […]

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How to Write Engaging Content

20th May 2019

The default layout when viewing a person’s activity was previously ‘All activity’, but I always take a look at a person’s own posts and articles […]

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How To Build Thought Leadership

15th May 2019

Back in 2016, I published a LinkedIn article titled ‘Thought Leadership. What’s it all about?’. In the article, I stated that ‘thought leadership’ was THE […]

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How to Protect Your Business from Competitors

7th May 2019

People often ask business and sales consultants about how to protect their business from competitors. Now there are many answers to this question, but one […]

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Who Are My LinkedIn Followers?

29th April 2019

Do you know who’s Following you on LinkedIn? (And for that matter, who you Follow?!) What’s the Difference Between a LinkedIn Follower and a Connection? […]

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Coming Soon: The LinkedIn Teammates Feature

25th April 2019

“Should I Connect With My Work Colleagues?” It’s a question I get a lot. People often worry if Connecting with their colleagues is pointless or […]

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Why Authentic Content is Best After March’s Google Algorithm Update

17th April 2019

“The Latest Google Update Slams Traditional Publishers” This is just one of the outcomes that the Google algorithm update resulted in according to D. Eadward […]

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Should I Accept Random Connection Requests?

5th April 2019

Do you often hesitate and ponder if you should hit the ‘accept’ button on a mysterious or unknown LinkedIn Connection request? A Connection of one […]

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How Does LinkedIn Work?

1st April 2019

I often get asked by curious folk: “How does LinkedIn work?” “How can you generate a pipeline of business opportunities from it?” “How does it […]

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How to Craft Compelling Content on LinkedIn

25th March 2019

It’s all very well being told content is key on LinkedIn, but what should we share and how? LinkedIn is the most popular channel for […]

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What is LinkedIn?

22nd March 2019

It’s easy for me, as a LinkedIn Trainer, course leader and speaker, to forget that there are professionals and people out there who don’t know […]

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Why You Should Never Leave Your LinkedIn Profile Blank

11th March 2019

I mean, really?! We all see them. Profiles with no profile photo, no background image, no suitable job title, sometimes, as with the case above, […]

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Must-Use LinkedIn Profile Tips Video

4th March 2019

I’m really lucky. I get to speak at some super events. A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited by Graham Shiers to speak […]

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How Do I Improve My LinkedIn Feed?

26th February 2019

So, you’re not seeing the right stuff on LinkedIn, eh? How many times do I hear “LinkedIn is getting just like Facebook?” All I can […]

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How to Take Control of Your LinkedIn Feed

25th February 2019

A valuable LinkedIn Connection of mine, friendly and forward-thinking accountant Aimeé Hargreaves of Ultra Accountancy, recently posted the question on LinkedIn: “Nigel, I wondered if […]

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What Are LinkedIn’s Real Rules of Engagement?

18th February 2019

In business, as in our daily lives, there are certain conventions we follow so that we get along with other people. These are the rules […]

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What Do the Search Results Say About You?

8th February 2019

Ever wondered who ‘owns’ the ‘search’ landscape? It’s Google, of course (I hear you say). You might be surprised to learn that Google is even […]

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Changes in View Stats When Posting on LinkedIn

28th January 2019

Have your LinkedIn view stats just taken a nose-dive? A couple of connections have just asked me why their views on Posts have suddenly dropped? […]

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Why You Should Use Boolean Operators

21st January 2019

Are you familiar with ‘Boolean Operators’? If not, you should be! Many people have heard me talk about the increasing importance of search. Both to […]

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How My LinkedIn Training Sessions Are Tailored to YOUR Industry

14th January 2019

LinkedIn isn’t hot news. The platform isn’t a change nor is it a revolution in digital marketing, sales or business development. However, many professionals across […]

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What Demonstrates ‘Depth of Knowledge’​ on LinkedIn?

8th January 2019

The first stage to engaging effectively on LinkedIn is by attracting the attention of others. Easy to say, but how do you go about doing […]

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Why Investing in My LinkedIn Workshop is the Right Choice

3rd January 2019

A new year doesn’t have to mean a new you; perhaps you liked the 2018 you! However, a new year is a natural time to […]

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How to Conquer the Decline of the LinkedIn Post

27th December 2018

Is producing content on LinkedIn likely to be a strategy in decline? This is pretty much what SEO expert and founder of Sparktoro, Rand Fishkin, […]

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Why It Pays to Surround Yourself with Positive People

17th December 2018

What Surrounding Yourself with Positive People Can Help You Achieve It’s often only when we stop and take a breath at this time of year, […]

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How to Delete a LinkedIn Account – But Why Would You?!

10th December 2018

It saddens me to see that ‘how to delete LinkedIn account’ and ‘how to delete LinkedIn’ are in the top five most frequently asked and […]

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How to Use LinkedIn

5th December 2018

After seeing a few posts in my LinkedIn newsfeed recently, my interest was sparked, and they got me wondering. Do people actually know what to […]

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