Is It Time To Clean Up Your LinkedIn Connections?

By Nigel Cliffe

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Are 15% of your LinkedIn Connections recruiters?

I often suggest to people I train that clearing out invaluable Connections is a good thing.

Whilst in the process of doing just that a connection of mine had 350 recruiters amongst his Connections. He was simply staggered.

How many of those recruiters did he have a relationship with? How many engaged with him?

None. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

As one of my LinkedIn Connections recently pointed out, recruiters talk the talk to entice you to submit CVs and then … nothing. They fail to follow-up and neglect engagement resulting in job seekers having better luck responding to job ads!

Just a little midweek thought regarding your LinkedIn strategy: Is it time to clean up your connections?

If you are a recruiter yourself this isn’t a big dig at you and your profession; it is simply an observation that when used correctly LinkedIn is a powerful network that can make the difference between identifying a successful and long-lasting candidate and one you might wish you had never hired.

I offer tailored workshops to help forward-thinking recruiting professionals looking to develop genuine connections with both long and short-term hires to improve their results. I also take this further and train recruiters like you in advanced search techniques which help you pinpoint difficult to find talent in ways I can guarantee you might never have explored.

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