How My LinkedIn Training Sessions Are Tailored to YOUR Industry

By Nigel Cliffe

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LinkedIn isn’t hot news. The platform isn’t a change nor is it a revolution in digital marketing, sales or business development. However, many professionals across the board DO need to change the way they use LinkedIn, as many still fail to leverage it to its full potential.

LinkedIn should play a vital role in the strategy of lead generation no matter what line of work a professional is in. Unfortunately, only a minority of businesses and organisations know how to truly harness the power of LinkedIn to deliver tangible results. That’s where I come in. I use my extensive experience that spans a broad range of industries to deliver practical and insightful LinkedIn training. But I don’t just take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to my LinkedIn training sessions – I actually tailor each course to align with the industry-specific requirements of the professionals attending.

Here’s how I customise every LinkedIn training session to reflect the unique demands of each industry:


Many advertising professionals will be aware of how LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important in segmenting messages to target audiences in order to attract the right customer. However, my LinkedIn training sessions for advertisers reveal how those in advertising can use LinkedIn Advertising and sponsorship to reach a variety of target audiences and remain at the forefront of their minds. I share the secrets behind how the relationship-driven platform that is LinkedIn can amplify key messages to target markets and even help advertisers reach new groups of people.

To find out how I helped an international advertising agency based in London, click here.


If you work within the charities sector, you’ll be aware that relaying powerful and moving real-life stories and people’s experiences is key in encouraging people to donate and volunteer for your organisation’s worthy cause. My LinkedIn training sessions for aid and welfare organisations focus on transforming LinkedIn into a valuable storytelling asset, helping you master sharing engaging multimedia content which tells the tales of how your charity has helped improve the circumstances of those in need. The sessions also walk you through how to build intrinsic relationships directly with your existing and potential donors and volunteers.

Click here to discover how I assisted a Yorkshire-based national charitable organisation win new subscribers using LinkedIn alone.


When it comes to marketing themselves, many consultants can often be hindered by their restricted budgets, time restraints and niche skills. Often working alone, consultants tend to be aware of untapped social media networks they could be utilising but simply don’t have the resources to take advantage of them. My LinkedIn training for consultants shows how, when done correctly, showcasing their thought leadership in their specialist areas on LinkedIn can be easy, cost-effective and doesn’t have to be time-consuming. These consultant-specific sessions also demonstrate how LinkedIn can be a brilliant asset for reaching prospective clients who could sit outside their current network – meaning consultants don’t have to rely on referrals alone!

To see how I guided a business turnaround executive through the process resulting in the generation of a new piece of business after just two weeks of engaging on LinkedIn click here.


Did you know up to a third of event attendees can be found via a strategy of reaching the right audience using LinkedIn? My training sessions for event organisers promise to illustrate how event planners can benefit from LinkedIn’s features, such as LinkedIn Groups, direct messaging and the ability to ‘tag’ people’s profiles so those ‘tagged’ people receive a notification about an event the events professional has posted about, to reach interested people.

Visit this page to find out how a Yorkshire based event organiser client of mine had 37% of their 850 event attendees come from LinkedIn communication.


Any financial professional worth their salt will know that the costs of getting it wrong in their line of work are often high. That’s why my innovative LinkedIn training for the finance sector helps accountants, financial advisers, private equity companies and banks showcase how the tools available on LinkedIn can help identify potential customers with a high net worth, building lasting relationships with them, the right way.

Discover how, after six months, I helped a financial services company in Birmingham generate new enquires every week as a result of their staff’s combined effort on LinkedIn.


If you work within a government department don’t fall into the trap of failing to use LinkedIn to reach the wide cross-section of society that you need to communicate changes in regulation and guidelines and updates about new laws to. My accessible and easy-to-follow LinkedIn training for government departments teaches how to effectively advise, instruct and inform the people that need to be reached by being on a platform where people from most industries and trades are online.

Read about how I helped open the eyes of a Manchester-based UK government department to the exciting opportunities of communicating with very niche audiences that LinkedIn presents here.


Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn is often the most sought-after topic to master when members of institutes are asked what they would like more training on. With more and more people waking up to the wealth of benefits LinkedIn has to offer, there’s no better way to communicate messages to members of institutes. My training workshops enable institute managers and leaders to master the best methods of getting in front of members and ensuring LinkedIn content has a lasting impact.

Go to my LinkedIn Training for Institutes page to find out what a Marketing Manager at a UK institute thought of the social media education I provided for their institute’s membership.


For a while now, traditional sales strategies have paved the way for relationship-driven lead generation, the type of business opportunity development that thrives on LinkedIn. As potential insurance company clients conduct more and more online research before committing to an insurance policy, insurance professionals simply cannot afford to be absent from LinkedIn. Working with many professional bodies and practices, including the Chartered Insurance Institute, my LinkedIn training sessions will empower insurers to position themselves as the ‘go-to’ professionals when it comes to guidance on the best insurance options to take. Only through depth of knowledge can credibility be demonstrated and only with credibility can new business relationships flourish.

Find out what I helped a UK insurance broker group develop at a training session by using LinkedIn (clue: it WASN’T sales).


There’s no getting away from it, when people are looking for legal advice carrying out an online search is often their first port of call. Legal professionals have a responsibility to represent themselves and their practice on LinkedIn, no matter what field of law they specialise in, but my tailored LinkedIn workshops for the legal sector will equip them with the knowledge of how to go about creating and building their online brand using best practise and the right LinkedIn etiquette. Understandably lawyers, solicitors and others in the legal sector are cautious when it comes to using LinkedIn, however, I will coach them in how to successfully tread the fine line between being original and authentic on LinkedIn, whilst maintaining the integrity and accuracy that any legal professional requires.

A law professional at a leading London practice specialising in mergers and acquisitions was very reluctant to prioritise social media in their practices’ agenda. Here’s how my LinkedIn training won them over…


A common mistake often made by recruiters is to take short cuts in a bid to build large audiences of potential candidates – without taking the time to consider a strategy that will properly engage the individuals within that large audience to build a long-term relationship with them. If this sounds like a mistake you often make as a recruiter, don’t worry, many still wrongly perceive LinkedIn as simply being an online CV, when, in fact, it is so much more. If you’ve been making these mistakes, my LinkedIn training workshops for recruiters will reveal enhanced search techniques which will help you locate difficult-to-find talent in fresh and innovative ways.

To find out what the international team of HR heads at a Human Resources company in the USA learnt from my LinkedIn training session, click here.


LinkedIn can often be misused by retailers. As well as contacting customers directly, the powerful platform can also be utilised to influence brand ambassadors. My LinkedIn workshops are specific to the retail sectors in that they help marketing departments and buyers target their message to relevant potential clients in refreshing new ways. They also help make LinkedIn less daunting to the uninitiated!

To see what a UK retailer uncovered about LinkedIn following one of my workshops click here. 


With LinkedIn themselves encouraging university leavers to develop a profile from an earlier age, students, graduates and alumni need a LinkedIn profile to become more visible to potential employers. However, having a LinkedIn profile is only a third of the job. A student’s qualifications and skills need to be exhibited in the right manner with their profile optimised and completed and then they need to engage on the platform. LinkedIn has often not been a priority in the world of academia. How can university lecturers advise students on LinkedIn best practice, if they, themselves don’t have much experience with it? My LinkedIn training sessions for universities helps keep university staff up-to-date with LinkedIn tools and trends, so they, in turn, can provide students with the same education.

Find out how a course tutor at a UK university benefited from my LinkedIn training here.

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