Why You Won’t Be One of My LinkedIn Connections

By Nigel Cliffe

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When you send me a LinkedIn Connection request, I WILL check you out first before simply accepting. And if you don’t come up to scratch, it’s a no from me.

Here’s Why You WON’T Be Becoming One of My LinkedIn Connections:

1. You haven’t personalised your message asking me to Connect

People who have sent a message with their invitation definitely get my attention first!

Another technique that my Connection Carol Roberts highlighted is to accept Connection Requests from people who haven’t attached a personal message, (only if they’re profile and LinkedIn headline intrigues you). Then, gently nudge them with a message asking what prompted them to Connect with you. If you don’t get a response it demonstrates they are not active on LinkedIn or are just after boosting their Connection numbers, so hit ‘delete’. If they do respond you’re looking at a blossoming relationship!

2. Your profile is devoid of enough detail for me to ‘get’ you

Your headline in particular deserves a lot of time and consideration. Often, I’ve heard people say if someone’s headline ‘grabs them’ they’re more likely to accept an invitation from them.

When it come to writing your Summary – an often daunting task – just say it as it is! Tell me what you’ve done, what you are doing and where you’d like to go! Imagine we haven’t met – what is it about you would I might like to know?

3. Your employment history is questionable

You are not 21 anymore, but you have had only one job, which you started 6 months ago…

4. Your activity level tells me you are not active on LinkedIn

When I check out your profile, I’ll go straight to the Activity section to see what you contribute to the LinkedIn community.

If you don’t post much or at all, I am not likely to Connect. If you don’t comment, react, or engage with posts in any way on a regular basis, I am not likely to Connect. And if you don’t do any of these, I WILL NOT Connect.

After all, what am I going to learn from you? This already feels like a one-way relationship.

I don’t need any more Connections, but I DO like to cultivate worthwhile relationships where we add value to each other’s lives.

5. You have no profile picture

Really? What are you hiding?

6. Your profile picture looks fake

If you are overly attractive and have model-like features, I will immediately get suspicious. You have more chance of being my Connection if you look real.

7. You’re too salesy

You’re in sales – I get it – but don’t pitch at me before we’ve said “hello”…

People who have taken the time to send a personalised message, but go straight into selling me something before we’ve gotten properly acquainted, often get swiftly deleted. It’s not what I’m about.

Think relationships, people – not sales!

8. You sell software that automates LinkedIn Connections

I don’t need Connections – but I LOVE relationships. Believe it or not, I’ve even seen LinkedIn trainers automating their LinkedIn Connections! Go figure!

Please also note that if you’re a spam merchant, or you try to sell me automated LinkedIn services, I will ‘Ignore’ your request, AND I will tell LinkedIn ‘I don’t know you’. In case you didn’t know about this option, it does exist, and LinkedIn takes a dim view of anyone who gets a lot of responses like this. Beware!

9. I don’t see you taking a look at my profile

You can’t be that interested in me then, can you?

10. You are a LION

If you’re a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker), I will likely NOT Connect. You should have enough Connections already, and you certainly don’t need mine!

A combination of any of the above always makes me sceptical of a reason to connect.

I am the product of the special people I digitally surround myself with.

LinkedIn Connections You have to reach the bar for me to let you into my ‘club’.

But anyone who is genuine, looks like a real person, that I think to myself, ‘I can add value to your life’ or ‘you can add value to my life’ – then you are most welcome.

What does it take to become your Connection on LinkedIn? What criteria do you have, if any? Let me know over on LinkedIn. If you don’t have any criteria, perhaps you should!

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