Is LinkedIn rising up your agenda?

In a world dominated by digital communication and a global pandemic likely to reduce travel and face-to-face meetings for the foreseeable future, creating new relationships to generate business on LinkedIn is becoming a skill that cannot be ignored by almost every business professional.

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, then read on!

My LinkedIn Training Courses

For over eight years I have provided LinkedIn training full-time across all industry sectors. Whilst running a technology marketing company back in 2007, I used LinkedIn very successfully with great results. I loved it so much and clients started asking me questions, I decided to create a new business to support the demand. Value Exchange was born!

I differentiate my offering by being not just a trainer, but an experienced LinkedIn practitioner, using LinkedIn for lead generation, personal brand improvement, marketing, and business development.

Through my LinkedIn training courses and consultancy, I provide in-depth insight into how best to achieve your strategic business objectives.

I work both in the UK and internationally with an extensive list of corporate organisations, professional service firms, institutes, educational establishments, charities and the UK Central Government.

“Every client I have ever worked with has reported improved results following my LinkedIn courses and support.
For many, it has literally changed their personal or business lives.”

Through my public or private training programs and my speaker events I have helped over 50,000 people achieve improved success on LinkedIn. Over the last decade my LinkedIn content has been seen by over 5m people (LinkedIn Views). In 2021 alone my content was viewed half a million times by a LinkedIn network of fewer than 6,000 connections.

Your Needs

If you are like the rest of my clients, you will require a LinkedIn training solution that helps you and your business become more successful in your connection strategy on LinkedIn.

If this matches your experience, then I have the answer.

But let me explain just a little more what I have experienced over the last decade.

Left to your own devices, however well-intentioned you may be, the day-to-day priorities of business-as-usual will drag you away from actioning what you know you should be doing on LinkedIn to make it successful.

Working with me provides a dedicated solution that is guaranteed to deliver results.
My reputation relies on it.

There are 12 LinkedInCredible steps to achieve success on LinkedIn

I have determined that training on LinkedIn comprises twelve steps:

  • 1. Define the project aims
  • 2. Define the measures of success
  • 3. Identify target customers
  • 4. Prospect mapping
  • 5. LinkedIn Profile optimisation
  • 6. Upgrades to platforms
  • 7. Content strategy
  • 8. Customer journey review
  • 9. Prospect database
  • 10. Connection strategy
  • 11. Engagement plan
  • 12. Rinse and repeat and convert

My LinkedIn training solution takes you through each of these twelve stages in seven online meetings of between 60 and 90 minutes. Tasks will be required of each attendee before and after each meeting. I call it homework!
You will need to allocate some time to complete assessments and worksheets and watch explanatory videos between each session.

The pace of the LinkedIn course can be determined by you but would typically take place over seven weeks. At the end of this period you will have:

“A complete strategy to maximise your understanding of how to use LinkedIn to generate sales.
You will have optimised YOUR LinkedIn profile to attract the right audience”


For an individual, the price for my 7-week LinkedIn training course is £2500 + VAT. This will typically be held each week, but we can remain very flexible to maintain the right pace for you.

For a Company, an organisation, an institute or an educational establishment, my program typically starts at £2,500 plus £250 + VAT per person.


Please note: there may be some additional costs to the above, such as upgrades to your LinkedIn account(s). But success can come for free on LinkedIn!

The LinkedIn training programs outlined above are based on you taking the initiative to do the work required, guided by me.

You will be responsible for creating content, connecting with your target prospects, and engaging on LinkedIn.

Success cannot come from being inactive. Yes, you will have completely upgraded your individual LinkedIn Profiles, which is hugely valuable, but to truly make this strategy work you must be able to commit to the time necessary to make it work for you. This will be a minimum of 15-25 minutes per working day plus an additional hour a week planning content, seeking new connections and generally engaging on the platform.

If you can’t commit to this, then please consider carefully if this solution is right for you! You only get out of LinkedIn what you are prepared to put in! Pretty much like the rest of life!

How much time should you spend on LinkedIn, Value Exchange LinkedIn courses have the answers

Enquire about a LinkedIn training programme tailored for you

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