Your LinkedIn Connections are YOURS. You’ve worked hard to build-relationships, personalise Connection request messages and construct a credible reputation for yourself as a thought leader in your field by publishing regular, insightful content.

As with anything you own, you deserve to have a copy of it. That way should LinkedIn restrict your account for any reason, you have a trusty copy of your hard-earned valuable Connections.

Note: Your LinkedIn Connections are people you are Connected with on LinkedIn because you’ve sent them a Connection request they have accepted, or they have sent you a request that you have accepted. Once Connected you’ll see a ‘1st’ next to their name whenever you view their Profile.

Your LinkedIn Followers are people that follow your content, so see any posts and articles you publish in their homepage feed whenever the LinkedIn algorithms allow but you don’t see their content unless you Follow or Connect with them in return. Here’s how I see it:

Here is a Handy Step-by-Step Guide Taking You Through the Process of Enabling You to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts

Before we begin, I’d advise having your LinkedIn password to hand as you’ll need it in a few minutes’ time.

1. From your LinkedIn homepage, click on ‘My Network’ on the top navigation bar.

My LinkedIn Network

2. Select ‘Connections’ from the ‘Manage my network’ menu on the left-hand side.

Manage my network menu LinkedIn

3. On the top right of the page click on ‘Manage synced and imported contacts’.

Manage synced and imported contacts on LinkedIn

4. Mid-way down on the right-hand side of the page, click on ‘Export contacts’, underneath ‘Advanced actions’. This will reveal a ratio button tick option, where, as you can see, you can choose to export a range of the data you own on LinkedIn, from articles to your messages.

Advanced Actions export contacts menu on LinkedIn

5. Tick ‘Connections’ then click ‘Request archive’. At this point, you’ll be asked to input your LinkedIn password. (If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn password for a while, I’d recommend that you do so for tighter security).

Request Archive to export contacts LinkedIn
enter your LinkedIn passport when exporting LinkedIn contacts

6. A message saying ‘We will send you an email when your download is ready’ will appear once you enter your correct LinkedIn password. The blue ‘Request archive’ button will then be greyed out and say, ‘Request pending’.

In your inbox, usually, a couple of minutes later, this message will appear:

email on Exporting LinkedIn contacts

7. Click on ‘download it with this link.’ This will pop-open your LinkedIn account again showing:

Downloading your LinkedIn Connections

8. Click on ‘Download archive’. This will download the .CSV file (a spreadsheet) to your desktop to file called ‘Connections’. I would advise that you repeat this task at least every 6 months, if not more often, to account for changes in your LinkedIn Connections.

9. Add a note to your diary to repeat the operation. These are YOUR Connections so make sure you export LinkedIn contacts that are yours and have a copy of them you can keep as well as storing them on LinkedIn!

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