Why CEOs Should Be on LinkedIn

By Nigel Cliffe

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If you’re a CEO, you might think LinkedIn is pretty low down on your priority list, right? Maybe you’re just too busy. Or you don’t like social media. Or people know who you are anyway, so why bother? And that’s a good question! Why should you bother with LinkedIn? A question I am always ready for, even if you’re a CEO.

So, here’s why CEOs should be present and active on LinkedIn …

Benefits for CEOs on LinkedIn

Your Employees

By staying active on LinkedIn, your employees can become the best ambassadors your business has ever had – and all for free. This is a powerful way for your business to reach more people organically and build trust in the people behind your business.

But why should your employees bother with LinkedIn if you won’t? As their CEO, they need you to lead by example.

It’s also useful for finding talented new employees. Think back to your best hires and how you got them. Attracting new and top talent isn’t done by recruiters – it’s done by reputation.

Your Competition

Other companies and CEOs are already using LinkedIn to build trust and loyalty in their own business, and now they are reaping the rewards. They’ve caught on before you have, and that sets them ahead of you.

Your Customers

As I say, being active on LinkedIn builds trust in your business. You will make mistakes sometimes, but creating a positive and powerful brand will give you more room to make those mistakes.

And to help reduce those mistakes, you can find out what your customers think in advance. Through LinkedIn you can share your thoughts and plans for your business and get useful customer feedback.

Not only that, but part of building trust is to demonstrate your ethical values as a CEO. With this platform, you have the opportunity to demonstrate what you stand for every day. And that is something your customers will respond to.

Really, the time has passed for CEOs to believe they are too important for this to matter. LinkedIn matters now more than ever, no matter what level you’re at.

What do you think? As a CEO, what do you find useful or not useful about LinkedIn? Let me know over on LinkedIn.

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