Has the Person with Access Rights to Your LinkedIn Company Page Left Your Organisation?

By Nigel Cliffe

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Are you pondering the issue of “how to request access to a LinkedIn Company Page?” Can you no longer access your LinkedIn Company Page (now referred to by LinkedIn as your ‘Page’) to update and amend it?

This is a common problem!

LinkedIn makes it quite easy for a person to legitimise themselves in the process of owning a LinkedIn Company Page. It is for this reason that many problems occur when those access privileges need to change.

People move on and so often the login details cannot be found!

Often the first time this is realised is when something critical happens, like an address change, or something important needs changing.

So, the first question is:

Do you know who owns the email address and password to access your LinkedIn Company Page?

If you do, fine. But make sure at least one other person has that access as well by becoming an additional ‘Admin’ for the Company Page. This should also be someone with the proper authority from the company, such as a Director or Company Secretary.

The login details should be kept and managed in a secure but accessible location, such as a CRM system.

The people who might typically ‘own’ the Company page might be in:

  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Business Development

So, you might try those people first if you are struggling to gain access to a LinkedIn Company Page…

You don’t Know?

Well hopefully this article might help.

What if the person that did have the login is no longer in your employment?

The first action to take would be to try to contact the person who has the login details. Their LinkedIn profile might be a good start. If you are Connected to them, you can simply send them a message.

This is by far the easiest resolution to the problem.

I recommend keeping a log of your communication as you might require it later.

If that doesn’t prove successful – what next?

You have to resort to ‘LinkedIn help’

In my experience, this won’t be easy, but with patience and persistence, you should get your situation resolved.

LinkedIn will require that you are able to verify yourself as having the responsibility to act on the company’s behalf. A company email address will often be sufficient for the process along with an email coming from that account with the appropriate correspondence.

There may be a bit of toing and froing, so be ready for it. But in the end, you should be successful.

( Please note: When talking about a LinkedIn Company Page, LinkedIn tends to drop the use of the word ‘Company’, simply referring to it as a ‘LinkedIn Page’ (as distinct from a LinkedIn Profile, belonging to a person)

Here are a number of useful links at the time of publishing this blog post which you may find helpful:

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6) And if that doesn’t help you, try starting from here:

Note: The links provided above are when used in the UK. If outside the UK simply drop the ‘?lang=en’ from the search string.

Oh, and my last thought while on the subject.

It might be worth you checking who is listed as being employed at your Company. LinkedIn has a very poor procedure of allowing anyone to assign themselves to any company they choose as an employee.

Whilst this is sometimes simply a mistake, and often found simply as a result of a former employee not putting a closing date on their employment with the company, sometimes it can be a deliberate ploy to associate themselves with you. This can be potentially damaging to your company’s brand reputation.

If you find such occurrences, simply ask the person to remove themselves or resort to LinkedIn Help as shown above.

If you have any further experience or advice on how to request access to a LinkedIn Company Page to add to this article please let me know over on LinkedIn!

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