The other day I shared an example on LinkedIn of a LinkedIn Ad. It was a promoted LinkedIn post by LinkedIn themselves. Well, the promoted post was published by a LinkedIn Showcase Page ‘LinkedIn for Small Business’.

Why did I share the example?

To highlight one major point, a point people often miss.

So, LinkedIn for Small Business posts the below Ad in my feed. With the LinkedIn for Small Business showcase page having 329,869 followers at the time of writing the post had just 12 Likes! Yes, you read that right, 12 Likes.

LinkedIn for Small Business Showcase Page ad

Thanks for my LinkedIn Connections – real people I interact with on LinkedIn every day – I’m pretty confident if I published a post containing just a ‘full stop’ I’d get more engagement with my audience than LinkedIn for Small Business got with theirs when they published their post!

Does this astonish you? It shouldn’t.

Success on LinkedIn comes through developing your personal brand, not via your LinkedIn Company page – however big you are – just as this example demonstrates!

I have written before about why I advocate for people to get active on LinkedIn using their personal Profiles rather than LinkedIn Company Pages. The main reasons being:

You can read more about why I’m not a fan of building your personal brand using your LinkedIn Company Page here.

Point 4 is particularly prominent for me. In the age of personalised marketing, people do business with people and want to get to know people. A LinkedIn Profile, if written properly, represents a person, their skills, their experience, and their knowledge. The photo is a picture of their face.

A LinkedIn Company Page on the other hand, represents a company, a faceless brand with a logo for a Profile photo.

By all means, HAVE a Company Page

Having a LinkedIn page is a great way to:

Help people on LinkedIn find your website.

You can fill out details about your company, including your website address on your LinkedIn Company Page. This then creates a valuable link to your website where people can find out more or maybe even buy from you.

Gives your LinkedIn Profile credibility

If your LinkedIn Company Page has your company logo set as the profile image and you list the company as your place of work under the ‘Experience’ section, your Profile looks more reliable and attractive – rather than having a blank grey placeholder image if you have no page to link to.

Why LinkedIn Company Pages are needed for the experience section of your profile

Encourages Employee Engagement

If your company publishes case studies and links to helpful blog posts on the LinkedIn Company Page all the company’s content is in one place. The LinkedIn Company page can then act as a springboard if employees are encouraged to engage and share the content on there from their own Profiles to their own networks. This helps widen the reach of the content to new audiences and, if employees add their own thoughts and comments before sharing the Company Page content, helps build their own personal brand on LinkedIn using their own Profiles.

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