How Often to Post on LinkedIn

By Nigel Cliffe

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I’ve been asked plenty of times when the best time is to post on LinkedIn. But a question I also receive often is: “How often should I post on LinkedIn?”

And in my opinion, twice a week is plenty.

“Is that all?” I hear you ask. Well, here’s my thinking on the topic:

Quality, not quantity

I want my content to remain valuable to my audience. Nobody wants more ‘noise’ on LinkedIn. So, the most important thing about posting is to make sure you contribute something of value. If my post doesn’t do that, I don’t post it.

For a bit more on this, check out my video on what type of posts I think will get more engagement on LinkedIn.

It’s not just about posting

As well as posting on LinkedIn, we also need to engage. If I am lucky enough to get any comments on my post, I must take the time to engage and respond to my kind commenters. That can keep me busy for days! In the comments section lies the opportunity for further engagement, both with existing connections and with new ones!

Give your last post more time to circulate

Now, I don’t have concrete proof on this one, so bear with me. It seems that LinkedIn posts have a longer dwell time in people’s feeds than they did, say, 12 months ago. This means a post takes a longer time to trail off and stop getting engagement. If you post your next update too soon, particularly when people are still engaging with your last, it can kill off that lasting engagement. Why would you want to do that?

Don’t spend too much time

Now, maybe it’s just me, but I’m a busy guy. So, how can I possibly write and manage more than a couple of good posts a week and still manage my day job? Besides, what impression would it give if I never seem to be off the platform? For example, people might start wondering if my content is actually ghost-written for me!

Here’s my advice on how much time you should spend on LinkedIn.

So, there you have it – that’s how often I think you should post on LinkedIn.

But what about you? How often do you post on LinkedIn, and how often do you find works for you? Let me know over on LinkedIn.

For more advice on how to use LinkedIn the right way, check out my LinkedIn Training Course.

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