Podcast: LinkedIn Best Practices for HR Professionals

By Nigel Cliffe

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I was thrilled to be asked to take part in an episode of Human Resources Marketing Specialist, Ben Geoghegan’s ‘A Better HR Business’ podcast. Ben is the man behind the website getmorehrclients.com and helps HR businesses boost their sales by carrying out business-to-business customer research and devising client-generating content marketing packages and plans.

Ben quizzed me on a variety of LinkedIn best practices topics including:

1) What people get wrong on LinkedIn

Clue: it’s related to selling!

2) How an HR consultant or HR tech business leader should go about creating a brilliant LinkedIn profile

You’d be surprised how many times I ask an audience at an event or training session to put their hands up if they’re proud of their LinkedIn Profile and typically 5-15% of an audience will actually keep their hands up. That astonishes me!

Do you dress appropriately for presenting at an event or going to work when you leave the house in the morning?

Of course, you do!

So, what happens in someone’s mind when they are setting up a LinkedIn Profile where people are likely to meet them online before they do in person and yet they’re not proud of that Profile?

As you can see, it’s definitely worth listening to the podcast to find out my answer to that question!

3) How to maximise LinkedIn’s Advanced Search feature to identify decision makers and influencers

Ben shared that he gets asked a lot about how people can find the ideal clients for their business so the example search link and tips about Boolean operators I share in the podcast is likely to come in handy for you…

4) How to make Connections and manage invitations

I cover how to reach out and Connect with somebody new and how to use good judgement when considering which Connection requests to accept. I even share the method I personally practice when building my trusted network so it’s well worth tuning in to listen to this answer!

5) How to approach potential clients/contacts directly via InMail messages

Find out what I mean when I use an expression: “I want to be in propspects’ digital peripheral vision”… without being creepy! You shouldn’t go onto LinkedIn believing it’s about quick wins. You should be taking a long-term approach to developing relationships. Trust isn’t built in an instant.

6) What content to post on LinkedIn

Hint: The LinkedIn algorithm is a fan of videos and people seem to love storytelling! But no matter what medium you feel comfortable with, always make sure your content adds value to your community of Connections. I understand this initially might sound tricky, so I impart more advice on this in the podcast!

I also shared some anecdotes and stories based on my colourful experience as a LinkedIn trainer.

Podcasts can make a pleasant change from reading articles and watching videos to brush up on your knowledge, plus they’re perfect for those of you who are audio learners. So go on, give the LinkedIn best practices podcast a listen! You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn!

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