My Predictions & Digital Trends LinkedIn in 2020

By Nigel Cliffe

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As we’ve welcomed a new year recently, I thought I’d ask what’s going to be HOT on LinkedIn in 2020? What’s going to be popular, important and trendy this year? Which features will play an important role?

I am not normally one for making predictions about digital trends LinkedIn or otherwise, but as I stick close to the way:

a) LinkedIn works

b) How we interact with LinkedIn

…I have a sense of how 2020 might look:

What I think Digital Trends LinkedIn Will Translate to in 2020

Personal Customisation

I believe mass messaging (largely through automation) will become less attractive. People will have more success through getting personal, both through posts and in messaging.

You can read about why I supported (and still do support) Autoban – a bid by LinkedIn Trainers & Consultants like myself to educate people on the importance of avoiding automating their success on the platform – here.

Meanwhile, I explore the importance of sending a personalised message with your LinkedIn Connection requests here.


I think voice messaging (and search) will become more accepted and ‘normal’. Have you tried it on your mobile? Will LinkedIn add it as a feature to the desktop version of the platform I wonder?


We all pretty much accept our personal privacy is in decline, (don’t we?) but watch out for some backlash on LinkedIn about how we might be stopped from abusing personal privacy on LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn updated their Privacy Policy on 7th January, as if on cue! I’m going to have a read and will share any important implications of the new Privacy Policy in a future post…watch this space!

You can check out my FREE guide on How to Master LinkedIn Privacy Settings’ in my Resources section.

Customer Lifetime Value

I reckon online relationships are easy to build in numbers, but valuable relationships are a hundred times more useful to us. The concept of a relationship being valuable over a longer period of time will become more prevalent. The concept of quality over quantity will continue to grow.

So, above are my top four predictions. When I asked my LinkedIn network, here are some of the answers they kindly shared with me:

My LinkedIn Connections’ Predictions and Thoughts for LinkedIn in 2020

Although I had omitted it from my prediction list, believing it to now be the ‘norm’, Digital Marketer, Lee Kenny has a good point when he added that video, a very valuable medium on LinkedIn, will continue to be prominent.

“At the risk of repeating the last 5 years… video should be there. Probably sub 2 minute and value-adding insight. Always a much less populated space than text alone.”

Meanwhile, fellow LinkedIn Trainer Judy Parsons, who would love to see LinkedIn regularly and clearly summarise all the recent changes they make, perhaps in a post (rather than in small print like the Privacy Policy update was communicated to us in) commented:

“[It would] be great to see less automated messaging. Not a prediction as such but a hope that they (LinkedIn!) will roll out their new features quicker. I am still waiting for Open for business and for their decision on whether they are or are not going to keep the ‘invite your connections to follow your company page’ feature. Had it, but gone again!

Perhaps quicker releases of new features and keeping LinkedIn Members more informed should be LinkedIn’s New Year’s resolution?!

If you think we have missed any Digital trends LinkedIn predictions, let me know over on LinkedIn.

I wish you all LinkedIn success in 2020!

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