Have you spotted the latest LinkedIn search filters?

With LinkedIn’s newest search experience, they’ve made it easier than ever for you to find everything you need in one go.

People, jobs, groups, posts, courses, schools, events and companies, all together in one search results page.

LinkedIn’s Efficient Search Feature

Here are just some of the ways LinkedIn search can help you out:

And whatever you’re searching for, if it’s something more specific, you can also use filters to help your search.

Using LinkedIn Search Filters

For example, if you’re only looking for one type of result (a job, a company, a person, etc.), all you have to do is click/tap the right category at the top of the results page.

LinkedIn search filters: people, jobs, groups, posts, courses, schools, events, and companies

From here, you can then select even more filters to narrow your search even further.

If, say, you were searching for People on LinkedIn, you can then filter your results by:

Find out more about LinkedIn search filters on the LinkedIn Official Blog.

LinkedIn’s Newest Search Filter

When filtering your search for Companies, this is where the new LinkedIn search filter comes in.

LinkedIn search filter: Company size

This valuable new search filter, previously only available to Search Navigator users, lets you filter companies by size (e.g. if you want to find a small business with only 1–10 employees).

For the first time, this feature is now available for non-paying LinkedIn members. If you’re like me, you’ll find it can be very useful. So, make sure to try it out!

In my LinkedIn Training course, I will delve deeper into this topic and give plenty of tips for finding information on LinkedIn in more detail than you’ve ever imagined.

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