Are You Maximising the Power of Your LinkedIn Network?

By Nigel Cliffe

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Are you harnessing (and enjoying!) the power of your LinkedIn network and using it to your advantage?

If your network is built on trust and integrity, the value in your connections is enormous.

Last week a valued connection of mine, Jeff Young, from whom I learn a great deal, gave a shout-out for Jared J. Wiese – a LinkedIn Profile Writer & Career Coach, whom he is connected to.

I liked what I saw of Jared’s profile so reached out to connect with him. I said we had a lot in common and it would be great to have a chat. (Time zone’s don’t matter!)

We followed that up with a conversation on Zoom Video Communications and had a great 30 minutes chatting about our experiences.

I valued Jared’s perspective so much I stopped the conversation and said I wanted to pay him for his expertise. We had a call that we planned this week to take this journey further.

Isn’t this just simply brilliant?

In every single way possible this demonstrates what can be achieved on this platform.

Who do you know that your connections could also benefit from knowing? Perhaps your connections know someone who would provide great opportunities for you? But you have to be active and engaged for it to happen!

Do it now, you never quite know where it might lead!

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