Why It Pays to Surround Yourself with Positive People

By Nigel Cliffe

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What Surrounding Yourself with Positive People Can Help You Achieve

It’s often only when we stop and take a breath at this time of year, as it draws to a close, that we actually reflect on how much we’ve achieved, both professionally and personally.

For me, it’s been a heck of a couple of months!

  • I’ve driven over 4000 business miles.
  • I’ve travelled 1,500 miles on trains (some even on time!).
  • I’ve spoken at 9 events.
  • I’ve held 15 client LinkedIn training sessions.
  • To round it all off, a week or so ago I enjoyed a double when I spoke at the PPMA Chairman’s lunch at the Tower of London and my lovely wife, Christine was in the audience.

During my travels, I often spend a lot of time in hotels, as you can imagine. A big highlight of my hotel stays this year was when Ashleigh and Anousika from Travelodge made my day back in August by helping me out by giving me the idea of using cable ties when I forgot my cuff links before leading a day of LinkedIn training near Hemel Hempstead.

The events I have spoken at have varied greatly from sharing How to Grow a Pipeline of Ongoing Business at Leeds Business Week, to offering advice on how to maximise LinkedIn to build lasting relationships, become a respected thought-leader and generate warm leads in target markets at the Go Digital – Live! conference in October. I also had a blast in Birmingham helping insurance professionals lift the lid off LinkedIn in November and, more recently, got involved in leading one of Leeds Beckett University’s brilliant Digital Breakfast sessions.

As for doing LinkedIn training sessions, that’s my bread and butter. I offer In-House Training for professionals and businesses to enable them to transform LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation platform and position them as thought-leaders within their fields and LinkedIn Consultancy to help businesses devise a successful LinkedIn strategy to give them an edge over the competition.

In my LinkedIn Workshops, which is ideal for beginners, we learn what’s listed on the right and much more!

For my 2019 course dates, simply click here.

I also offer LinkedIn Masterclasses for more advanced users of LinkedIn, available upon request.

The secret behind my busy schedule and relative professional success?

As well as copious amounts of hard work and determination the key really has been surrounding myself with motivating people who encourage and inspire me. My spouse, peers, other professionals and friends all make up this uplifting network.

To find out how to maintain an uplifting network on LinkedIn, check out the quick video below:

Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and self-help guru once famously said:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Agree or disagree with the above statement, I personally believe who you spend time with does have an impact on your behaviour, achievements and confidence. In fact, Jasper Bergink, in a post on the For a State of Happiness blog, maintains that:

“One of the most quoted facts about happiness goes as follows:

  • 50% of happiness is determined by your genes.
  • 10% of happiness is determined by the circumstances in which you live.
  • 40% of happiness is determined by your actions, your attitude or optimism, and the way you handle situations.”

Naturally, we work more productively and creatively and make a better impression when we’re happier. If influencing our own happiness is in our own control by up to 40%, surrounding ourselves with positive and energising people is a no brainer.

So, how do you make sure you’re surrounding yourself with ‘good’ people? Well, first you need to establish what ‘good’ people look like to you. Then begin asking some simple yet thought-provoking questions like the ones that Huffington Post contributor, Leon Logothetis, outlines.

Let me know how you get on surrounding yourself with positive people in 2019!

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