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I deliver training over Zoom or in person at your chosen premises.

Many businesses recognise that the business development process has changed significantly in recent times. LinkedIn now plays a big part in the sales process; it simply cannot be ignored. Social selling is the norm, not the exception.

Looking at a person’s profile will often be ‘standard procedure’ when checking someone out, at the beginning, during or at the end of a decision to do business with you.

Are you proud of what they’ll find?

What do they find?
The old ‘Sales Funnel’ mentality is being replaced with an ‘Engagement Funnel’.

Engagement funnel

in-house LinkedIn TrainingI often ask audiences, “Are you proud of your profile on LinkedIn? If not, why not?” This is the place people will visit, prior to meeting you, in the decision-making process.

Referrals will always play a significant role in the new business pipeline, but what do we do when referrals alone are not bringing in enough new business?

The answers and solutions to these questions are what I cover in my in-house LinkedIn training sessions. I tailor my sessions to focus on providing practical examples and case studies specific to your sector.

I advise on ways to improve your Profiles and the ways in which you can improve the SEO rankings and amplification of your content. I teach you how to find new prospects. All this results in generating positive leads and many more opportunities for you to develop and nurture.

What Will Your Team Learn?

Learning to use LinkedIn for business development will inspire you to take your use of LinkedIn to the next level. In my sessions, I share detailed knowledge, experiences, and examples of best practice.

Whether you’re a relative novice or advanced user, I guarantee to:


What Does LinkedIn for Business Training Include?

in-house LinkedIn TrainingMy tailored LinkedIn training day includes:


“I grasped, for the first time, how much time I have wasted in the past on LinkedIn, not having a cohesive strategy. From today, I have that sorted….”

“I thought I was a pretty proficient LinkedIn user until I met Nigel. However, I hadn’t converted any new business.”

“Within two weeks, yes, just two weeks from my training session, I converted the biggest piece of business I have ever done, entirely as a result of me being proactive on LinkedIn… I am a convert!”

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