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In-House Training Value

Some LinkedIn training for businesses will inspire and motivate you to take your use of LinkedIn to the next level. In my sessions, I share detailed knowledge, experiences and examples of best practice.

Whether you’re a relative novice or advanced user, I guarantee to:

  • Help you turn LinkedIn into a lead generation tool
  • Position you as a thought leader in your industry

Many businesses recognise that the sales process has changed significantly in recent times. The old ‘Sales Funnel’ mentality is being replaced with ‘Engagement’. People take referrals from many sources so a professional presence online is now a must. I tailor my in-house sessions to focus on providing practical examples and case studies specific to your industry sector. I advise on ways to improve your profiles and ways in which you can improve the SEO rankings of your content. This results in generating positive leads and warm opportunities to develop and nurture.

Why Train with ValueExchange?

  • I investigate how to develop competitor insight and relevant ways in which you can spot new business opportunities. I demonstrate how working in teams can amplify your content to new levels. I drive more traffic to your website.
  • Training with Value Exchange means you’re getting a wealth of insight from leading practitioners who have been using LinkedIn since 2007. I don’t just provide the training to use the platform successfully, I help you develop a strategy for long-term use.
  • My LinkedIn Training for Businesses sessions are jam-packed with case studies and practical techniques to improve your success. I guarantee I’ll provide you with mind-blowing insights that you can use straight away.
  • With my ongoing support packages, I’m always on hand to answer questions and offer guidance in developing winning strategies — on a corporate, team or individual level.

What does my training include?

My tailored LinkedIn training day includes:

  • A detailed PDF of all the course content
  • Detailed profile reviews of all the course attendees
  • An eight-week response program after the training to ensure attendees have no questions unanswered

I realise the time this takes out of your valued employees’ schedules, but I guarantee a return on investment.


“I grasped, for the first time, how much time I have wasted in the past on LinkedIn, not having a cohesive strategy. From today, I have that sorted….”

“I thought I was a pretty proficient LinkedIn user until I met Nigel. However, I hadn’t converted any new business. Within two weeks, yes, just two weeks from my training session I converted the biggest piece of business I have ever done, entirely as a result of me being proactive on LinkedIn… I am a convert!”

Enquire about a LinkedIn training programme tailored for you

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