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By Nigel Cliffe

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I’m really lucky.

I get to speak at some super events. A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited by Graham Shiers to speak at his Business Catalyst Club lunch event in both Leeds and Manchester to share some tips on using LinkedIn to generate leads.

The Business Catalyst Club thrives as a networking event as it connects entrepreneurs and professionals directly with the right-level of investors and decision-makers. The aim? To build on and improve business relationships and share new and promising business opportunities. With the quarterly lunch events being by invitation-only, they add value to Business Catalyst Club’s already extensive network of business contacts by introducing a small number of companies looking for growth capital to Business Catalyst Club’s members and guests, the majority of whom are private or institutional investors and lenders. The companies get to showcase their proposals and the networking snowballs from there.

As well as being a great networking opportunity packed with some fantastic presentations, including an eye-opener on the world of Graphene by scientist and consultant specialising in the subject, Adrian Nixon, it was a pleasure to share the following short LinkedIn Profile tips to make sure those in the audience get the most out of their LinkedIn Profile.

Your Profile Photo

The first major step to having a great LinkedIn Profile is having a professional photo of yourself in that little circular box that appears on your Profile. Forget getting your legs out, a snap of you on the beach nursing a beer or vodka, and never mind stroking your pet cat in the frame! It just doesn’t work on LinkedIn. Your Profile Photo has got to be a headshot with you looking at the camera. You get one chance to make that all important first impression — make it a really strong one.

Your Background Image

How many people waste the opportunity of incorporating a background picture on their profile? It costs nothing, folks! Just find an image that perfectly tells your story and what skills and expertise or experience you have to offer. It could have your brand in it — not that I’m a huge advocate of brand pushing. Nevertheless, find an image that conveys your values and unique professional story. It’s a waste of an opportunity if you leave your background picture blank.

Your Headline

Have you given much thought to that line of text that appears beneath your name? It’s effectively your strap-line, it’s your Headline, the 120 characters (call me a nerd!) that you can use to actually sell your brand and what you have to offer to potential clients. What should you do within those 120 characters? Think of the keywords that people are going to want to find you for, that’s what!

Secondly, think “how can I help people that arrive at my profile?” When people arrive at your digital front door, your Headline should be confirmation of how you can help them. Most people fall into the trap of just listing their job title and company, but what does that actually tell people landing on your profile? Zilch! Absolutely nothing! So, when crafting your headline, make sure you let people know how you can be valuable and attractive to them — it’ll help you enormously!

Your Summary

Have you got the right location and contact details listed on your profile? We’re all Connected on LinkedIn, right? If I was to contact you, I go to your profile, I click on the contact details and I’m greeted with no telephone number and/or an out-of-date email address. doesn’t cut it as my email address! Seriously, it happens all the time and it’s embarrassing; you’re meant to be about business, so avoid using your personal email address. Make sure you’ve got more than one email address and make sure that your professional email address is publishable (LinkedIn calls it your ‘Primary Email Address’) and it’s actually placed on your LinkedIn profile.

I’d like to give Ryan Mulhern of First Frame Productions a shoutout for helping me put this video together. For videos that portray the best of your business or brand online, I’d whole-heartedly recommend Ryan and his company.

I’m proud to say I received some positive feedback from speaking and sharing some LinkedIn Profile tips at the Business Catalyst Club events, with my Connection, direct mail campaign expert, Ursula McBride reporting:

“Nigel, enjoyed listening and watching- great tips and ideas to help navigate #LinkedIn. You are also a brilliant speaker #Inspiration.”

and Graham Shiers himself commenting:

“A fantastic guest speaker – the feedback regarding your presentations at both the Leeds and Manchester Business Catalyst Club Lunches was incredible Nigel.”

If you would like me to speak about how to maximise LinkedIn to generate business opportunities at your event simply contact me today.

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