How to Market Your Brand on LinkedIn: Four Top Tips for 2021

By Nigel Cliffe

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We all seek to develop LinkedIn best practices and, as we approach 2021, putting 2020 squarely behind us, I take a look at digital trends on LinkedIn that I believe will define LinkedIn 2021.

1. Improve Your Personalisaton

Yes, B2B is the bedrock of LinkedIn, but who said it had to be boring?

Whilst LinkedIn can in no way be compared to Facebook, there is undoubtedly a move towards getting more personal on LinkedIn. So, when looking for tips on how to market your brand on LinkedIn in 2021, consider sharing your personal experiences at work on the platform. Don’t be afraid to reveal your sense of humour and opinions too, just do it respectively!

In the digital world, when it comes to business-to-business services and products, people buy from people first. The importance of building and developing a personal brand is no longer a nice thing to do, it is a must.

Those who find that balance of personal and business will steam ahead.

Get MORE personal in 2021 to improve your presence.

2) Nurture Your ‘Tribe’

Build, build, build your network. Just keep adding Connections…


The tide is turning against the notion that building an ever-increasing network is ‘the thing to do’.

I believe having a meaningful network surrounding you is better than Connecting with the world and his dog.

What is becoming more apparent is the benefit of having a supportive crowd around you. People who share your values. People who like and respect your content.

I call this your ‘tribe’.

Building trust through consistent content sharing that adds value to their lives is what helps you build that tribe. They, in turn, become YOUR ambassadors.

But it’s more than this. Simply pushing out your content alone will not cut it. Engaging with the content that your Tribe shares is a critical factor. I try to spend as much, if not more, time engaging with the content of others. I also make sure I leave the time to engage in the conversations that develop inside my own content. This is also critical – to be in the conversation as it happens.

Recognise your tribe and nurture them.

3) Don’t Add More Noise

The last year has seen an increase in activity on LinkedIn. I wonder why …

Some people have commented that their posts have had reduced attraction and engagement. When you work so hard to create compelling content this can be disappointing. You begin to have self-doubt!

The bottom line is that more activity means more competition for your content. So, what is the answer?


Add value, NOT noise. Share experiences and knowledge. Be relevant to your target audience at all times. Don’t squander your well-earned audience’s attention with more ‘noise’!

Quality will always win out over quantity.

4) Get Better at It

There really are right and wrong ways to ‘do’ LinkedIn.

I increasingly see a lot of effort by people to do the right thing but see glaring errors in their execution.

Now, I don’t write the rules (and I can’t find any anywhere) and there are many ways to crack an egg, but there are certainly ways to improve your performance on LinkedIn to help you achieve your goals (cos’ of course you have those, don’t you?)

Therefore, if you’re trawling Google or Bing searching for ‘how to market on LinkedIn tips’ to gear up for 2021, my advice is to seek to get better at this stuff. If you don’t, your efforts will fall back compared to others who are upping their performance.

The game is moving faster than I have seen it before in the last ten years.

Work smarter, not harder, to experience better results. Or get left behind – the choice is yours.

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