My LinkedIn Profile Views Experiment

By Nigel Cliffe

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I have been experimenting and I wanted to share the results with you.

Conclusion: Not Posting on LinkedIn Can Damage Your LinkedIn Health!

Until yesterday, for the past four weeks, I have NOT posted on LinkedIn.

I maintained a lesser amount of engagement on other people’s content, as cutting any engagement altogether was a bit of a risk.

I wanted to evaluate:

Nigel Cliffe's decrease in LinkedIn Profile Views after experiment.

Where Can I Find My LinkedIn Profile Views?

When on your Profile and logged into LinkedIn you can scroll down to a section called ‘Your Dashboard’. There you will find the number of LinkedIn Profile Views you have received in the past 90 days. The figure itself will be clickable. If you click on it, you will see how the number of Profile Views you have received has increased or decreased compared to the previous week. Could it be that you posted or engaged on LinkedIn more in the last week to cause the figure to rise?

If you are on the free version of LinkedIn, you will also see the last 5 people who viewed your Profile. Yes, only 5! So, it’s worth checking this metric regularly. You can see more people who viewed your Profile with LinkedIn Premium.

What is My LinkedIn SSI Score?

“SSI” stands for “Social Selling Index”. It is a score out of 100 generated by LinkedIn based on 4 factors. It is updated daily. How effective you are at:

  1. Establishing your professional brand
  2. Finding the right people
  3. Engaging with insights
  4. Building relationships

You can see tips on how to improve each of the factors above if you click on the question marks next to them. It also tells you how your score compares to the average score of people in your industry and in your network. The thing I have found most important in the past is not the score itself but to use your score as a baseline and check back in a few weeks to monitor your own LinkedIn progress.

You can find out your SSI score by visiting when logged into LinkedIn.

Back to the Experiment…Here Is What Happened:

  • My Profile views dropped like a stone (see the image on the right!)
  • My Connection requests fell by 75%.

But my SSI score remained pretty consistent at 84.


What I have taken from this is what I suspected, but wanted some hard evidence for:

  • Posting and engagement on LinkedIn is CRITICAL to a successful LinkedIn strategy to build influence and create opportunities.
  • Your LinkedIn SSI score counts for very little.

If YOU are not regularly publishing content on LinkedIn whether they be Articles or Posts, and not engaging with other people’s content, you are missing out. Having the best Profile in the world won’t cut it if you don’t share your knowledge, experience and life’s journey.

Yesterday, I posted an Article on LinkedIn which, in less than twenty-four hours, had 127 views (poor) but has 39 reactions (good) and 54 comments (good). Let me tell you – that makes me FEEL a lot better too.

It’s better to engage and participate rather than being a static Profile! I’m glad to be back in the LinkedIn game!

Head over to my LinkedIn post on this experience to join the conversation and see what people had to say about it.

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