“Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?”

“Should I pay for LinkedIn?”

I’m often asked these questions during my LinkedIn Workshops and at events I speak at.

My answer?

If you’re not maximising the free version of LinkedIn, then NO, it’s NOT worth paying for LinkedIn Premium.

What Extras Do You Get with LinkedIn Premium?

Jobseekers, recruiters, and sales professionals often use LinkedIn Premium accounts to their advantage, but what’s the appeal?

For more information on the different features and benefits that LinkedIn Premium offers click here.

What are the Different LinkedIn Premium Accounts and How Much Do They Cost?

For more information on what features each paid-for LinkedIn account offers click here. Each of the different types of paid-for accounts gives you the opportunity to try a free trial for a month so you can assess if the account type will be of use to you.

How to Use LinkedIn

So, How Do I know I’m Maximising the Free Version of LinkedIn?

You’ll know if you’re using your Basic free account to its full potential if you do all of the below:

  • Ask a question
  • Share your Recommendations (and those of others)
  • Share useful statistics
  • Share your experiences
  • Post images of you and those you meet and have great experiences with
  • Share great news about other connections you know
  • Post in-depth content as an Article
  • Share useful industry news you learn of
  • Share your thoughts and perspectives on topics you have an interest in
  • Share a useful infographic
  • Share details of useful events you know about or are attending
  • Share your achievements and those of others
  • Share what you know

The above list is the sort of thing you might consider sharing on LinkedIn. These types of content creation can be done in the form of images, posts, videos, and documents. I’d recommend mixing and matching your format as it keeps your audience interested in your content. Marketer and Graphic Designer, Pamela Schuler, recently shared with me that she keeps her social media content fresh by following the 80/20 rule, that is, making sure 80% of her content is informational and the remaining 20% is about her and selling her services.

Don’t forget to add hashtags to your posts (three at the most) and tag people whom you wish to mention in the body of the text. Don’t be guilty of spamming people by tagging them unnecessarily.

Also, as well as creating your own content, don’t neglect to engage with other people’s content.

Lastly, remember this is not about you! Be sparing with self-promotional content. And at all times be the authentic you.

‘Give’ at least ten times more than you ‘take’ and you won’t go far wrong!

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