Webinar: Maximising Your Results on LinkedIn

By Nigel Cliffe

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I teamed up with long-time friend and LinkedIn legend, Deborah Corn, to share our insights on how to grow your network on LinkedIn with high-quality Connections and how to strengthen your existing relationships on the platform in a lively and informative live webinar and Q&A on her Print Media Centr channel.

As a founder of the LinkedIn Group Print Production Professionals, which boasts 99,878 Members and with 29,810 Connections and 27,566 Followers to her name, whilst I have 4,700 Connections and 5,100 Followers, it’s safe to say Deborah and I approach LinkedIn in different ways. So, the conversation was a fascinating discussion about the different strategies we can adopt to make LinkedIn successful for us.

We had the privilege of having a super-engaged audience, making the session extra fun.

If you are a LinkedIn pro and want to take your understanding of LinkedIn that few steps further, this could be well worth your time. The Q&A was simply brimming with good debate.

If you enjoy the video below, you might enjoy the podcast I did alongside Deborah on How to Optimise LinkedIn During Lockdown!

Webinar Feedback

“It was fascinating to hear the different perspectives upheld by Nigel Cliffe and Deborah Corn. I could agree and disagree with both of them. What this helped me do is define my own strategy to make LinkedIn successful for me.”

“Well worth listening to…a lively but respectful debate.”

Perrin Read of Roth Reed Photography.

With people working from home and in lockdown at the moment, they are researching what YOU offer online now more than ever. There has never been a better time to maximise your LinkedIn profile and strengthen your relationships.

To learn how to grow your LinkedIn network successfully and maximise your results on the platform, give the video a watch!

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